Belgium's Most Conservative Bishop, Selected by the Pope, Personally
They might be talking to the SSPX out of sheer inclusivism.

Perhaps B16 is a sincere liberal and he really would like the SSPX included in his mixed bag of Catholics.  Perhaps he sees them as sincere but old fashioned but doesn't want them outside of the Church just because they are old fashioned and a little cranky.  I don't see that Rome talking to the SSPX means anything since they talk to everyone who will talk to them.  The Jews, the Mohamedans, the animists.  Anyone.
Ain't too worried about this.  It's an indicator of what will turn out to be the eventual vindication of some of the SSPX's positions and the increasing discrediting of eclesiastical vandals like Cardinal Daneels who is not happy with this outcome and lwill probably try to create problems for it, like +Schonborn did with Msgr Wagner in Linz and the liberals in Basqueland are doing with yet another "conservative" future Bishop.

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