Austria's Catholics leave Church in records numbers (because of SSPX bishops)
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(01-14-2010, 01:31 AM)ILoveChineseMoonCakes Wrote: Go right ahead and leave. Become Anglicans. They accept queers, abortionists, and all sundry freemasons.

Not much different from the new church, either.

the Roman Catholic Church has never ordained women as priests and bishops, nor has it raised an openly gay man living with a male 'partner' to the bishopric.

neither has the Church allowed priests to perform 'weddings' between homosexuals, nor allowed priests to marry.  i've never known of a Catholic freemason nor a Catholic abortionist, either, and certainly the Church forbids Catholics to participate in abortions in any way, and prohibits involvement in freemasonry as well.

episcopalians in the US have and are ordaining women and openly homosexual men as priests and bishops (no doubt openly homosexual women, too) and performing 'weddings' for homosexuals, actions opposed by anglicans in many other countries.  i've never known of an episcopalian/anglican abortionist, either, but there are freemasons among them.  they are much different from the Roman Catholic Church, and many of them are becoming Catholic because of their disgust with the changes in their sects.  of course, the austrian 'catholics' may become anglicans and i know some american 'catholics' who ought to go to the episcopalians or even the methodists instead of whining about the Pope trying to turn the clock back.

I believe that you are misininformed: There are a number of high ranked freemason clerics in the Vatican. A list of names was produced years ago.
Among them, Mgr Bugnini the father of the NO liturgical reform.

Also there are a significant amount of NO religious who campaign for, advocate for, and even in some cases arrange for and escort women to abortions.
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(01-14-2010, 09:06 AM)ggreg Wrote: Let's face it, if you are not happy under B16s pontificate you really are a liberal.

Vetus is a liberal!
Vetus is a liberal!
Vetus is a liberal!

You got me!
amputation is necessary sometimes...get rid of rotten limbs to save the whole body. Of course we must pray extremely hard for those who have left the church and weep over them, but they are adults who are culpable for their own decisions, and if they have never been in the church in the first place i don't think we can say that they have truly left anyway.

Jesus have mercy!

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