Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem
(01-14-2010, 07:25 PM)JonW Wrote: That's strange.  According to the website, the most you would ever have to pay is a total of $600, and that's if you reach the highest levels.  I think $100 of it is for the cape.  Also, to join the order itself is free.

It must depend on your geographical location then. For the "Federal" branch here in DC, the requirements are:
Quote:# Applicants are to be Catholic lay men or women in good standing with the Church.
# Applicants are to be at least 25 years of age.
# The applicant should have achieved a degree of distinction in their profesionional field and in their philanthropic activities.
# The applicant should be regarded as a leader in their field and within their community.
# The applicant must have a record of service to the Catholic Church and to Catholic-related causes by lending their professional expertise and their hands-on volunteer service to the poor and the sick.

Then the financial obligations are:
Quote:# Prior to Investiture, every candidate will be required to pay a one-time initiation fee or, more commonly known as, "Passage Fees."
# Passage Fees are $4,000. Of this amount, $2,000 Euro go directly to the international programs of the Order and the remainder covers Investiture Weekend expenses.
# For members under the age of 35, the Passage Fees are $2,000.
# After the initiation year, all members pay Annual Dues of $1,000 per year.

They sound more elitist than Opus Dei...

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