Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem
The order of Malta is a classic exaple of a brave Holy order of warrior monks who faught themohamadans to the death on many many many occasions. Acre, the glorious battle and siege of rohodes the battle and siege of Malta to name a few.
They had balls and essentialy savede europe from the turks on more then one occasion. The turks were hard pressed for centuries to destroy them. This brave order during the sige of Malta beheaded hundred of moham prisponers and tossed the headsa down the ramparts at the enemy. When one fot was cpompletly lost the wonded rather then try to escape waited for the enemy those who culdnt stand sat to be killed
During Rhodes that great siege and battle they the Order of st john showed the world what it is to be Catholic. To be warrior monks. Their nuns rather then be taken and raped by the vile savage turks sliced eachothers faces off as to be untouchable and were killed but not raped.
Fast forward to the balless richmans charity with no backbone or anything other then loot and conections today
Let's pray they find themselves again


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