Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem
(01-16-2010, 01:49 PM)Guy_Sainty Wrote: The characterisation of the genuine Order (the SMOM - www.orderofmalta,org) as some kind of rich man's foible is an extraordinary calumny. The white cross of the Order may be found in the service of mankind in more countries than any other charitable body aside from the Red Cross. Right now a team from the Order is serving in Haiti where it has fr long maintained a hospital - the US delegate for its international humanitarian arm, Malteser International, is sending a team working in conjunction with Poland which is providing an aircraft (see and The German Association of the Order was the first organisation to set up schools for girls  in Afghanistan and the Order gave the lead in providing relief in India after the  Tsunami. These actions all involved knights serving in dangerous places. In the Holy Land the Order runs the largest maternity hospital serving the Palestinian Arabs (Holy Family Hospital, Bethlehem). These are just a few of the many humanitarian actins undertaken by the Order across the world. Guy Sainty (knight of Malta)

Hear, hear.

Mr. Sainty, you're the author of the link I posted, correct?

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