How the Average Pewsitter Views the SSPX
We'd like to address a sociological reality which most people have experienced with their families and/or who love someone or is loved by someone who is what is commonly referred to as the "Traditional" Catholic. We noted a Catholic Blogger called, "Cheeky Pink Girl" who seems like the kind of girl who lives on the periphery of an SSPX Community and possibly even has a few relatives who belong to it. She herself is fairly conservative, probably fairly pious, goes to communion on Sundays, every Sunday, and regularly goes to confession. In short, she's the kind of person we tend to respect and look up to as an example, even if she "participates" at the Novus Ordo and doesn't wear a veil. She's one of us, right?
The average pewsitter has never heard of the SSPX, doesn't even know the TLM is still said or even what it is, and does not care about any of these issues, frankly.
Every NO Catholic I know around here says horrible things about the SSPX because the local chapel is a 10 min walk from one of the largest NO Catholic parishes in the area. Folk have stopped talking to me since I have been going. The average pewsitter has been made aware of the danger of attending schismatic sects by annual letters from the Bishop which include independent chapels, Old Catholics, and the SSPX. When we went on a rosary march to the town hall we had to pass directly in front of the NO Catholic parish and we got some nasty glances and to think I actually expected them to show some respect to a statue and banner of Our Lady. I was shocked actually...

yeah, I think there's a LOT more snottiness and injustice, shunning behavior, coming from the NO crowd than the other way around.

SSPXers have all been mostly pretty kind to me, most of the time, in contrast to Indultarians, Conservative NOers and the like.

The worst part about it is that it's all based on hearsay and false premises....
I'm one who mostly attends a NO Mass, but we are fortunate to have a priest who is trained in the TLM.  I believe he is from the FSSP.  He has been given permission to do a Latin Mass every Sunday morning...its actually done in three languages, Latin, Spanish and English.  We attend this Mass most frequently.  It is still, more NO that TLM, judging from the few TLM's I've gotten to attend.  Mostly it the Spanish community that attends, with a few of us 'Anglos.'  No one else veils at this Mass.
For a short while, we were permitted a kneeler for the option of receiving Communion kneeling.  There was such an outcry from some of the parishioners that it was ordered removed, but we were told we could kneel if we wanted.  For a while my family would go to the 1st pew to receive, as directed by the priest.  After a couple of times of being overlooked and the priest having to come back down to give us Communion, we gave that practice up.  I now manage to genuflect and remain on one knee to receive our Lord.  I don't know that anyone else besides my family is doing this.
I veil.  I veil whenever I enter the Eucharistic Presence.  I've read some info on it, and felt led to wear one, regardless of what others are doing.  I've been veiling for several years.  It is a rare treat for me to see another woman veiling.  When I attend the TLM, I'm surrounded by others who not only veil, but come and leave the Church with such reverence, that which imo is more fitting for the Eucharistic Presence.
I do know that when I spoke with one of our deacons regarding a 1st Sat Mass in Traditional Latin, he said that was outlawed.  I found out it was not.  And for 5 Saturdays this wonderful priest gave us that.  It was stopped by our pastor because there was not enough support from the parish.  Sigh...
It is my understanding the SSPX are in talks with the Pope and i pray for full communion with them.  I believe many, like myself, have been poorly trained.  And truths were watered down.  We have much to learn.  Our faith offers so much.  I pray for all of us.  I

I have some family who attend the NO in St. Mary's KS.  They have the SSPX academy in town and the FSSP down the road in maple hill.  Most of the NO crowd thinks they are all wacko, and can barely tell the difference between the two.  My sister in law particularly hates the SSPX with fervor for reasons I cannont explain. 

As for average Catholics outside Trad communities, I think cgraye is pretty close.  3 years ago I had never even heard of TLM, or any traditional movement.  I converted to Catholicism as an adult, and when I started learning about the TLM and Tradition, as someone else here as mentioned, I felt like I had been conned, the Traditionalists had what I thought I had.  I attended the NO for years happily thinking I was attending the mass of all ages in the unchanging Catholic Church.  If other people knew about it, they never said anythiong to me about it.  I introduced my Mom to TLM last year, and I had to convince here that it was in fact, Catholic.
Not to engage in too much armchari spiritual discernment, but I suspec tthat people who have this visceral, hateful reaction to Tradition when they see it feel a tinge of guilt, feel accused and respond variously by feeling conned, spiteful, called out, accused or in the worst case, indifferent.
I just can't wrap my head round the fact that most NO Catholics here go to Protestant services all the time with family and that's fine, not a problem. But those of us that go to the SSPX are schismatic and not Catholic...going to an invalid "service".
IF someone really thinks that the SSPX are schismatics, THEN the fact that these schismatics say the Rosary and carry statues of the Blessed Virgin is irrelevant. In fact, if you think they're schismatics, you might even see displays of Catholicism as a form of theft.  That's how I think of the Eastern so-called Orthodox.  I don't care how much incense or how many candles they burn in front of icons, they're schismatics.  So, given their premises, the antipathy is understandable in conservative Catholics.  Especially as Protestants don't pretend to be Catholics while the SSPX claim to be.  So the conservative NOers see the SSPX not only as schismatics but also as deceivers.  Hence some of the antipathy.  They probably also feel a certain envy because some of them would love to be as traditionally Catholic but feel that they are right to sacrifice this in the name of unity with the Church Militant. 
(01-15-2010, 01:26 PM)Augstine Baker Wrote: She herself is fairly conservative, probably fairly pious, goes to communion on Sundays, every Sunday, and regularly goes to confession. In short, she's the kind of person we tend to respect and look up to as an example, even if she "participates" at the Novus Ordo and doesn't wear a veil. She's one of us, right?

She's not in any way "one of us," however you care to define "us." I would never look up to someone like this as an example. What exactly is her problem with the woman sitting at the back of the church? Is there some part of canon law that says it's a sin to sit at the back of the church at your own mother's funeral? Maybe she sat back there because it was less painful for her. Or maybe she wasn't even a traditional Catholic...maybe she sat at the back because she didn't approve of what was going on, kind of like this girl. Basically, she's fabricating an objection out of nowhere, which is typical of NO lovers who want to have whatever mushy feeling they get from "participating."

Lately I had the misfortune to attend an NO "mass" because of a Baptism. I won't go into detail because I know it's old news to a lot of people (can I just mention the stuffed moon on a stick?) but one question screamed at me the entire time I was there: "Who could possibly put up with this nonsense?" If I had never been to any kind of religious ceremony before, and had no idea what to expect, I still would have thought everyone there was an idiot for wasting time on Sunday on some silly, nauseating pageant. A protestant ceremony would have more dignity and substance. I'm not trying to offend anyone here who attends the NO, but this girl is clearly deluding herself if she believes that traditional Catholics are the ones with the problem. I have no sympathy for people who lie to themselves and use random, meaningless occurrences to justify their own false positions.

Sorry for the rant but people like this tick me off.  >:(

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