Stop the Council. Stop the Council - Citation Supplied
I came across a previous thread, which is now archived and cannot be replied to in which some posts made reference to the quote by Pope John XXIII. The question as to what the citation was didn't appear to have been answered, leaving the impression that the quote itself was likely unauthentic.
I've found only this citation in regards to the quote, and hope others find it useful or confirming.

Stop the Council; stop the Council.  --Pope John XXIII, on his
deathbed, quoted in Kevin Haney, "The Stormy History of General
Councils," The Latin Mass, Spring 1995, attributed to Jean Guitton (ob. March
21, 1999), the only Catholic layman to serve as a peritus at Vatican II. 
Also reported by Michael Davies in Apologia Pro Marcel Lefebvre.

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