French homosexuals plan "kiss-in" at Notre Dame Cathederal.....
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I forget - is a roundhouse kick to the head considered "courteous" in France?

The French Catholics who organised the protection of Notre Dame from the queer mob routinely greet their friends in such manner in preparation for the not-so laid-back greetings reserved for enemies.  ;)

Renouveau Francaise -  Federation Ile de France
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Quote:There are moments when you appreciate the victories at fair value, so they are rare! It is indeed Catholics and defenders of Christianity who won earlier this afternoon on the porch of Notre-Dame in Paris ... Let us remember that the associations of homosexuals and their affiliates have received the prohibition of their "protest" outside the cathedral. After a few kisses exchanged before the poor image of the place St Michel, a fifty provocateurs did not fail to go to Notre Dame to try to dirty again the Franco-Christian heritage through one of its the most notable symbols. But they found to talk ... defenders of natural law had responded to the call number at the rally launched by the RF and relayed sites friends. Conclusion: boos, a few clashes and a general decline of sodomites protected the police. In two minutes in front of Notre-Dame was cleaned. So great victory, tempered by the arrest of four of our comrades. A small demonstration was organized to support the police station of the fourth arrondissement, in which thirty activists (mostly FR Ile-de-France) showed their presence loudly. The four arrested were released shortly before 19h. Faced with the provocations of small groups disturbed and immoral, we will always be present! Kiss-in? Kiss-out!


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