Why would God create a soul he knows will go to Hell?
Jesus said that hell was created for the devil and his fallen angels. My question is: Why would God create an angel when he knows it will fall? When he knows there is NO CHANCE whatsoever of contrition, forgiveness and redemption.

As for human souls, we take it very personally, obviously. Jesus said that when we enter eternity all of our works go with us - the good and the bad. If there are different levels of happiness and reward in heaven, then it stands to reason that there are different levels of torment in hell. Maybe some people in hell won't suffer that much because of their good works. For example, if you take EENS strictly, an unbaptized pagan who lived a good life won't receive the same punishment as an apostate. For the apostate, it might be better had he never been born. For the pagan, maybe existence even in hell (limbo) is better than no existence at all.

I'm not here to say .. 'eh, hell might not be so bad...' I'm just saying God's justice is perfect, for the saved and the damned.

I am reminded of the story told by Hitler's mailman. When Hitler was a child, the mailman used to chat with the boy. At one point he asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up. Hitler said he wanted to be "a great artist." Perhaps when God created the soul of Hitler he saw "the great artist" instead of the dictator responsible for the murder of millions. Or perhaps he saw all the martyrs that would attain heaven because of the dictator. He creates us, knowing how we will use our free will, and knowing that even if we use it for evil, a greater good will come of it. He sees how all of it works to piece together the Grand Picture. All we see are the scattered pieces of the puzzle. And that's all we are left with for now.

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