Why would God create a soul he knows will go to Hell?
I know it has been a while since this thread has been active, but I didn't have a chance to respond when the thread was active, so hopefully I am not doing a serious wrong in bringing this up again.

My answer to this question is contingent upon two premises:

1) God is all-just.

2) Justice isn’t partial. It is not justice to grant only a reward or grant only a punishment. Justice is in rewarding the good and punishing the bad. Without one of these actions, there can be no actual justice.

Let us consider, for example, what would have happened had God created only those beings which would have chosen good and gone to heaven (reward only). This would mean that God would not have created Lucifer because Lucifer chose evil instead of good. Since hell was created specifically as a punishment for Lucifer (as well as his angels), had God not created Lucifer (or any being who would reject God), there would be no hell. If hell did not exist, then there would be no punishment for sin. If there were no punishment for sin, there would be no consequences for disobeying God. If there were no consequences for disobeying God, then (there are three answers):

1) there would be no true justice. And if there were no true justice, then God would not be all-just. If God were not all-just, then God wouldn’t be God.
2) God would have to reward both the good and the bad. Were God to do this, it would not be just.
3) those who God created would not be capable of rejecting God because if God knew they were going to reject Him they wouldn’t have been created. If this were so, then every being created by God would not truly be able to reject Him because their existence would be contingent upon a decision already-made (if they are in existence, then they can’t reject Him). This eliminates any true free will – the power to reject God at any moment – for those currently in existence. If this were so, then there would be no actual choice to serve God at all; all those created would be predestined to go to heaven by some act of their free will that allows them to exist.

In short, in order for justice to exist, the good must be rewarded and the evil punished. If there is no punishment for the bad, then there can be no just reward for the good for there can be no alternative to goodness. If there is no alternative to goodness, then goodness doesn't deserve a reward.

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