Why would God create a soul he knows will go to Hell?
(07-15-2010, 11:57 AM)ggreg Wrote: When I watch the Hubble Deep Space Field video on YouTube where they found 3000 galaxies in tiny fragment of otherwise black space and figure that if God exists He made all that just for a laugh, then my honest answer is "How the heck would any of us know why?"

When I try to reason out things like that, my reasoning comes out a bit "geocentric" so-to-speak in that I wonder just how much these bodies impact life here.  Surely the solar system has an effect on our planet in more ways than we can know or can imagine, I wonder if all bodies even to the furthest outreaches of the heavenlies are necessary for causing certain desirable effects on this planet, however minute those effects may be.  The ancients practice of planetary worship because of their beliefs that these bodies are thinking entities that are responsible for desirable and undesirable effects has made me wonder about just how far cause and effect reach us and affect us.

When considering the great pains scientists have gone to to try to recreate the conditions in which life arose, or the Big Bang, it makes me wonder just what all is really necessary for this planet to be the way it is.  Like I said, this thinking is a bit geocentric, but it makes me wonder if we aren't more important than we're willing to give ourselves credit for.  Is that silly?


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