Why would God create a soul he knows will go to Hell?
One thought that has entered my mind lately with a lot of force is that this is indeed Die Beste aller möglichen Welten.  Leibniz was right.  The absolute proof is that God made things this way.  It makes little sense to imagine that God might have made a better world, but chose to make this worse one.

The eternal existence of hell and the souls in it must be a good.  God is His Being is His Justice is His Goodness is His Love.  Hell is thus both Good and Just.  Hell stands as an eternal proclamation of God's goodness and justice.  Romano Amerio uses the analogy of a painting with contrasting lighting.  If you put your face very close to a dark portion of the painting, all you would see is darkness.  Yet if you stand back and take the entire thing in at once, you see that the darkness is necessary to making the perfect and beautiful unity of the work of art.  As hard as it is for us to comprehend, from the God's eye point of view, hell must be part of the perfection of His plan.

Amerio, taking some inspiration from Dante, also suggests that at the judgment, the damned souls will be racing to get into hell, not because the experience of hell is going to be enjoyable (by no means) but that their souls will take some kind of comfort from being where they belong.  In other words, hell in the translation to eternity, corrects what was wrong with this world definitively and forever.

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