Why would God create a soul he knows will go to Hell?
All these seven pages of comments---which contain some very great stuff, by the way---are tethered to one concept that God Himself is not: TIME.  The explanations are all based on a certain "if x, then y" that is not applicable to God. 

Even the language we are using to ask the question, "Why would God create a soul He knows will go to Hell?" demonstrates this: we can only even try to understand it by embedding it with verbal time references (tenses).  But God is beyond time: He is of no beginning and no end. Time means nothing to God---really, time it is a lie constructed by us humans to make sense of what we perceive as the progression of events.  To this extent, we are time, or at least the perceivers of we've determined to be "time."  To ask why God would do something at one "time" for the purposes of some event at another "time" doesn't even make sense in the consideration of a being Who acts entirely independent of time itself.  This is why free will makes sense in the first place: it is 100% true that God knows "where" we are going and it is 100% true that we control which "where" that is, because God's "for-knowledge" of events is not "before" anything, but a simple and pure knowledge of everything, regardless of time.

We cannot even conceive of this timelessness in our limited human minds: you'd be better off trying to tell me what it was like for you when you didn't exist.  Anyone?---please, I'm listening!  :)  We have absolutely no way of even conceiving of such as concept---yet we know that there was, apparently, a time when we "weren't," at least as we perceive.  I guess what I'm saying is that there is no "future" to God, and there is no past.  So thinking of the actions of God in a past-present-future progressive don't even make sense.

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