Why would God create a soul he knows will go to Hell?
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Are you saying that God deliberately avoids knowing something ???

I am saying that GOD is omnipotent.   Meaning that GOD has the power to do OR NOT DO everything.   Am I saying definitively that GOD chooses not to know everything?   Obviously not , or I would be on YOUR Side of the fence in this argument wouldnt I.    I merely refuse to assume what GOD Chooses to do as it relates to this question which presupposes to know.
God does not have the Power to Lie

GOD is omnicient by choice.  GOD doesnt have to prove his truths because GOD is not under the commandments.  Even if you thought GOD lied - you would be wrong because no one judges GOD.  The commandment is Thou shalt not lie meaning GOD Telling man he cannot lie. That commandment doesnt apply to GOD it applies to us.  So to conisder anything from GOD is judging to a certain degree. Our searh is not for the TRUTH in what GOD reveals , but rather the search is fopr GOD to reveal more.  But GOD chooses what he will or will not reveal.  So the question itself posed , presupposes that GOD chooses to know.  I say prove that he does.  When it is asked " He knows will go to Hell" I say Prove he knows.  And back it up with more than just opinion.    I think we are all in agreement that GOD has the power to know if he so chooses.  Where we disagree is that he chooses to know.

And while we are on the subject ,

It is a fact that GOD does not reveal everything by HIS choice either.  Could GOD reveal himself to man if he so chose?  Of course.  Can GOD Create mankind with FREE WILL?  He did.  If Man TRULY has free will - in order for it to be entirely free GOD has to choose to allow that freedom without coersion.  That in itself is an omission.  In addition GOD Condescended to become man in the person of Jesus Christ and not in all of his glory. That too is a choice of omission.  Look at how the Apostles reacted when Jesus Transfigured !    Therefore , just because GOD has the POWER to know everything to control everything to do everything - that doesnt mean he chooses to on ALL Occasions.    The occasion may suit his interests by restraint.      Because , being GOD he can and does design self sustaining entities that of their own cannot self sustain without GOD But in space and time a short term can exist and flourish which of course is what our life on earth is.  Another example of restraint -  for example - GOD Cannot make me love him if he has granted me free will that is truly free.  Many of the TRUTHS we scratch the surface of and that come from revealed truths of GOD are through purposeful omissions by GOD.  We know that GOD doesnt reveal himself fully and yet through faith he reveals himself more fully when we obtain more of his grace.  Seemingly a contradiction. But as a person grows in spirit and leaves the vestiges of the world not so much so.    So I think you have to look deeper into the aspects of the Faith.  Yes GOD is in charge - but dont assume GOD determines your salvation for you.  GOD is there for you - but ultimately salvation is in YOUR Hands moreso than in his.    It is for that reason GOD Created man.  So that man can give to GOD what GOD cannot give himself - Love given freely by a creature of its own free will TO GOD.  And the only way GOD can get it - is through restraint.  And that , my friends , illustrates his power to a greater degree than knowing.

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