Why would God create a soul he knows will go to Hell?
(02-26-2011, 02:32 AM)INPEFESS Wrote: Fathers Rumble and Carty provide a very insightful commentary on this question, which is found in the Second Volume of Radio Replies, P.170:

Q.708 Wrote:If God knows a soul is to be damned, it is useless for that soul to try to attain salvation.

There is no predestination for damnation. Nor is it futile for an individual to endeavor to save his soul. God says even to the worst sinners, “Repent, and if your sins be as scarlet, they shall be made as snow” (Isaiah I., 18). If a man is lost, it will be solely through his own fault. God may know that certain souls will choose to damn themselves, but He knows they have not got to do so, nor does His knowledge make them do so. Knowledge [of an event] doesn’t cause an event; the event causes knowledge [of the event]. Because Jack is running I know that he is running. But he certainly isn’t running because I know it. God knows that a man will choose to lose his soul only because that man will so choose. There is no need for him to choose so disastrously. He receives sufficient grace for his conversion. Let him correspond with the voice of God and of conscience, repenting of his sins, and he will be saved. It is not futile for him to endeavor to save his soul, and if he is lost it will be precisely because he did not endeavor to do so. Just imagine a farmer who says: God knows whether I’m going to have a crop or not. If He knows, I’ll have it, whatever I do. If He knows that I won’t have it, I won’t have it, whatever I do. So I won’t plough, I won’t sow any seed, it’s futile. Such a man is working on the absurd idea that knowledge causes the event instead of realizing that the event causes knowledge of it. Let us all do our best in the service of God, the practice of extra virtue, the avoiding of sin, and the desire of holiness. If we do, the practical result will be our salvation. The solution of the speculative problems can safely be left to God.

Quote:I think you have gravely misanalysed the simple reply provided by the authors in such a way as to extrapolate strawmen that don't really exist.

Okay.  I wasn't trying to build strawmen.  If that seems to have happened it's probably because I was trying to point out a problem that I see with the metaphysical system behind the content of the quote from Rumble and Carty and some of your explications of it.  In other words, I was trying to criticize the system itself behind the usual explanations of the problem of human freedom and divine knowledge.

Inevitably an approach like that is going to seem, I think, like a misrepresentation of the target position, since the one using such an approach doesn't even agree with many of the target position's underlying principles.

Quote:That said, though, your implication that certain topics were not of relevance here has me interested in your take (so to speak) on the answer to this question.

What do you say?

Maybe I should start another thread for this?  I'm not even sure it belongs in "Theological Debate."

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