Why would God create a soul he knows will go to Hell?
(03-05-2011, 05:00 PM)Zakhur Wrote:
(03-03-2011, 10:09 PM)Zakhur Wrote: Maybe I should start another thread for this?  I'm not even sure it belongs in "Theological Debate."

Never mind.

Before I respond more fully to INPEFESS, I should re-present the problem that I think induced the OP to start this thread.

The following is a transliterated quote from Leibniz.  This re-presents the problem in terms of human freedom and divine knowledge.

Quote:We all agree that God knows all things, and that the •future is •present to him just as the •past is. I couldn’t move my arm now without his having foreseen it from all eternity. He knows whether I will commit a murder, a crime, or some other sin. And since his foresight is infallible [here = ‘bound to be correct’], it is infallible that I will commit the sin that he has foreseen. So it is necessary that I will sin. and it is not within my power not to. So I am not free.

Actually, I already have a problem with the reasoning of this. Perhaps I can flesh it out in the new thread if I ever get time . . .

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