Benedict XVI to Visit Lutheran Church in Rome [WHY!!!!???]
(02-19-2010, 12:26 PM)Louis_Martin Wrote: To visit a Lutheran church does very little, and if anything it sends the wrong message, particularly if the Pope is involved in an ecumenical prayer meeting.  It says to the average person, "these two things, the Faith and the Lutheran Heresy are compatible and of equal dignity, and may be put on the same level and mixed."

I'm not so sure about that.  Most people will not even be aware of this.  And of Catholics who are keeping track of Catholic news and are aware of it, either they are well-informed enough to to interpret it that way or they have already decided that that is true and a visit by the pope makes no difference to what they think.  As for the rest, I say it depends on what he says and does.  Is he going to act and speak as if the Church is equal to Lutheranism?  I doubt it.  But imagine a Lutheran seeing him there, hearing him speak, perhaps in a challenging way, and starting to think...  Sometimes just being in the presence of a high-ranking clergyman can be inspiring!  Have you ever met a bishop or cardinal (who acted like one)?  It can send shivers down you spine.  How much more so for the pope?  I have heard many non-Catholics speak about the inspiring presence of the pope.

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