Benedict XVI to Visit Lutheran Church in Rome [WHY!!!!???]
(02-19-2010, 03:35 PM)QuisUtDeus Wrote: I don't think preaching to heretics violates that standard. If he kisses a Koran or takes Lutheran Communion, I'll flip out. 

When was the last time a Pope preached to heretics outside the Church? I can't think of anything since the 50's.

Pope Benedict is not going to preach anything about conversion to the one true Church. He doesn't even believe they are heretics because Lutherans have "partial communion".

It is a scandal against the First Commandment to go into a false church, because he is not going there to preach conversion. No Pope before VII, in the history of the Church, has ever gone into a Lutheran worship building to stand side by side and give a co-speech.

Communions and rosaries of reparation are called for when it happens.

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