Benedict XVI to Visit Lutheran Church in Rome [WHY!!!!???]
(02-19-2010, 01:40 PM)Louis_Martin Wrote: The problem is he'll be participating in a religious service.
Quote:Benedict XVI will visit a Lutheran church in Rome for a German-language service in which both he and a Lutheran pastor will give homilies.
He's going to be acting like the Church is on the same footing as the Lutheran sect.  That's exactly what that entails.  Equal speaking time for a little "pastor" and the Sovereign Pontiff.  What does that say?

It doesn't say anything about participating.  I want to wait and see what he says.  You can bet he won't tell them all to convert or burn in hell.  That wouldn't do any good anyway.  But I bet he won't say anything about the two religions being the same or of equal worth, either.

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