Can't Fry an Egg
I make my own bread, pie crust, croutons, mayonnaise and salad dressings. I make homemade desserts every week. I whip my own cream. I'm looking into the possibilities of making my own mozarrella and growing my own wheat ... but I can't make a fried egg.

I can scramble them, poach them in cream, make omelets and souffles and meringues, but when I try to do a simple easy-over for my daughter's breakfast, it's an ugly mess -- looks as though a little chicken died in my frying pan. How do I master this culinary art?
I'm an awful cook, but this I can manage. While this isn't the best recipe in the world, it's healthier than most.  I use cooking spray in a medium hot, small frying pan. Wait until the white has set to flip with a flexible spatula. If you do it any earlier it makes a mess. It only needs a moment or two more to make over-medium, and another few for over-hard.
That's pretty much what I do too, except I use low heat (on my gas stove).  I find even medium heat will mess it up.  Though that will be different from stove to stove.
Oh, yes, sorry! Medium heat on an electric stove with a cast aluminum pan is what I use. Gas will be a little lower heat and so will darker pans.

I've never made a fried egg unless I've fried bacon first so I've always done them with bacon fat. What seems to help is using my spatula to pick up some of the grease I'm frying in and "pouring" it over the yolk while it's frying on the first side ('course b/c it's a spatula it's somewhere between pouring and drizzling). It's something my mom taught me so the yolk cooks a little quicker and makes flipping easier.
Coupla, don't use cooking spray.  Those sprays contain propellant as well as the cooking oil, and the propellants get gummy when heated, even on non-stick cookware.  Stick with vegetable or olive oil...not canola, it burns at too low a temp.

Two, a good non-stick pan.

Medium heat, and only put the egg in once drops of water dance (careful for spattering oil).  You want to try to get that egg sizzling & popping as soon as it hits, not spreading out too much.
What about butter? I've been frying my eggs, such as they are, in butter.
Butter shouldn't hurt, I use that or olive oil.

Anyway, I suspect it's the heat: less is more. And be patient with that.
(03-07-2010, 05:16 PM)Satori Wrote: What about butter? I've been frying my eggs, such as they are, in butter.
I wanted to fry mine in butter (yum) but it didn't turn out so great. Butter works better, for me, when I cook scrambled eggs.
ah..... fried eggs.

always on LOW HEAT, unless you want bubbly crackly brown fried eggs.... yuuuuuuck.

one way is the way that kim suggested... crack the egg into the pan, and bath it with the oil til the yolk looks lavender, and the white is cooked. that way you don't even have to flip it.

another way, if you like the buttery taste, is to fry the egg in butter. crack the egg into the skillet, one top of the butter, and cover. look after 2 or three minutes... then if you're brave enough, flip it and keep it flipped for 30 seconds or so, or if you're chicken (ha!) cover it again for a couple of minutes so you don't have to flip it. for over medium, the best way to eat a fried egg, imo.with lots of toast.... two of them....

another way: put butter in the pan, crack the egg in it, and when it's almost done, start putting the spatula under it to make sure it's completely all the children in the house into the kitchen.
then, take the pan over to the sink, and flip the egg into the air. The trick is to have the pan come up and meet the egg, not have the egg splat down into the pan.
if you are successful, show all the offspring and bask in the ooohs and aaaahs as they tell you how cool you are.
if you are not successful, yell at them to go finish their homework so they don't see the mess you made and go back to flipping them the usual way.

how to flip an egg: you have to take your time, starting at the edges... loosen the egg until it will slide around the pan if you tilt the skillet. once you know it's not stuck at all, you put the spatula underneath the egg so that you have the entire underside of the yoke resting on the spatula... then gently flip it over, tilting the pan if necessary in a compromise.

that's how to fry eggs.

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