Traditional Catholics in SAN FRAN BAY AREA

    I was just there last week (Wednesday) and he does celebrate it in the Church. I am a teacher at Kolbe Academy-Trinity Prep up in Napa and I took my high schoolers there to here a couple of lectures (as well as to attend Mass). He's a very kind yet absolutely uncompromising priest. I know it's strange that there would be a TLM inside Most Holy Redeemer of all places, but we do live in strange times. Check it out....9:30 A.M.....If you have any questions, just let me know. He's very approachable and would appreciate any sort of fellowship with traditional Catholics. If you could spread the word so that his attendance increases, he might even have enough people so that it could become a public daily Mass!

I know Fr. Young very well. I also live in SF.
My wife and I moved to the Bay Area about 6 months ago and attend Mass at St. Margaret Mary in Oakland. 

Fr. Fragelli is EXCELLENT and Fr. Zak is very good too. 

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