Traditional Catholics in SAN FRAN BAY AREA
I lived in Sin Francisco for 20 years and that time there was no TLM.  However, I did find a wonderful parish which was about as close to traditional as you could get (no altar girls, no eucharistic monsters, no kiss of peace, etc.). It is Notre Dame des Victoires on Bush Street (cross streets are Stockton and Grant).  At the time I went there, the pastor was a wonderful priest from Paris named Father Etienne Siffert.  I did attend the French mass on Sunday (and yes, even the homily is in French).  However, there were several other masses on Sunday which were in English.  Pere Siffert is semi-retired now, I understand, but he was a wonderful breath of sanity in a city full of parishes where you would see things like one parish where they allowed this guy to prop a huge sign up by the altar that said "GOD IS GAY."  When I complained at that parish, I was given a good lecture on how intolerant I was.  Pere Siffert did not put up with that kind of nonsense for a minute, and that alone made NDV a wonderful parish.  Not only that, it is a charming, wonderful, small parish.  It is actually the French National Parish.  While it is not the TLM, it did get me through a very rough period surrounded by liberals who were seeking to destroy the Faith.  Good luck to you! :pray2:

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