Traditional Catholics in SAN FRAN BAY AREA
(03-08-2010, 12:08 AM)Bonifatius Wrote: littlerose!!!!!!!!!!!!! long time no see
u always have something so interesting to say, should write a book


Boni, good to see you. I need to tell you something, considering I am almost old enough to be your gramma:  If I age-progress your photo to my age, you look a lot like a very dear old friend who now is a retired detective from a city homicide squad.  He was a good strong Catholic (probably still is, haven't seen him in years) and used to commisserate with the parents during those years...  You have the same head and jaw line....

I brought one of the homosexual pamphlets they were giving the kids to the front desk of that police station and said "look at this!" and tht desk sergeant said "Who's passing this out? We'll arrest him! Did you get a description?" and I said "You'll have to arrest the Superintendent of Schools".....

That squad had all the activist parents and our kids watched  because they knew how bad it was and our kids all grew up hating us because they did not understand the paranoia....

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