Traditional Catholics in SAN FRAN BAY AREA
SLCFranciscan:  ND des Victoires is a beautiful parish, although I think they advertise some type of modern music Mass on Sundays.. I have gone there for an horu of adoration/Benediction which they do on Sundays, though.
Which is the parish that had the gay sign, out of curiosity?

As for San Francisco, it is a wonderful city, despite it's problems. I have been many places throughout this world and not many places compare. While indeed it can be difficult to be a Trad Catholic living here, I don't find it anymore difficult (despite the lack of Traditional Mass sites) than a Traddie living anywhere else in this crazy world.

Littlerose: How interesting. Maybe it's the sunglasses which add to the detective look? It's my attempt at trying to mantain a bit of anonymity here, while at the same time trying to show some picture of myself to show i am a real person - wish more here did the same!

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