White Russians
I'm not man enough for hard liquor straight. :laughing:

About the most powerful drink I like is whiskey and apple juice, or as some call it the Kentucky Appleseed, only I halve the proportions. Never had the "Soju experience" and from what I gather from Googling, don't think I'd care to.
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drink a mudslide... it's whiterussianish, but it's brown.

plus, the word "mud"( dirt, wrestling, name is) is manlier than the word "white"( fluffy sheep, cotton, mashed potatoes)



haha, but I need Bailey's Irish Cream for that and don't have it.
(03-14-2010, 12:59 AM)Texican Wrote: I like mashed potatoes...

well,so do I.....

... but I'm a girl.


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