Hello from Virginia!
I just wanted to say hello after lurking for quite some time. Like many of you, after witnessing liturgical abuses and lack of reverence (etc.) in many Novus Ordo parishes I am being drawn more and more to the Extraordinary Form of Holy Mass.

Yesterday my wife and I went to a parish in Chesapeake, Virginia called 'St. Stephen Martyr'. I am sad to report that the Gospel was a play, there was no Homily, the Chalice looked like a glass flower vase, the Host looked was bread squares, there were no kneelers, and there were no Holy Water founts.  :o http://www.ssmrcc.org

Thanks be to God we have an FSSP parish in the area. And not only that, but the number of parishioners has grown so much that St. Benedict's chapel will be replaced by a new larger church which is just about finished being built. If you visit Chesapeake, Virginia be sure to check this parish out! [http://www.stbenedictschapel.org

-Restituo :pray:
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