taing a long long beak, pray for me!
i have not been posting much over last few months but been reading a lot. I have to give the internet a long break so i can get back into the real world.

I really need to get into shape (curse you upper body strength) in case I join the U.S. Army or USMC and spending hours of my young life online is not healthy nor making me get better at pull ups. (I might emigrate back to Europe, indeed I plan too, but despite my occasional anti-Americanism - apologies to those offended btw - WWII and Cold War era America was so badass, I really want to be part of that legacy by serving, plus America has given my family much wealth I would like to repay it a little by serving before I leave)

Good luck and God bless!


good luck!

i hope you'll come back to say "hello" occasionally.
Cool! Good luck and God bless you.

God bless America too!

Come back in good shape!

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