ABC News blames Benedict XVI for abuse
I agree - the true nature of this pedo scandal is finally coming out.
One has to remember two relevant facts about the problem
1) back in the 1960's -80's, Church leaders wanted to avoid a scandal and families didn't want that either
2) the true nature of the pedo psychology wasn't well known

So as a result Bishops thought that sending the pedo to counselling was the best option.
The only other real option they had was to fire the guy and turn him over to the police which is what is done now.
However into this mix one has to recall the vocations shortage and the fact that hearsay is hard to prove.
And of course the moral relativism that has been creeping into the Church, minimizing sexual sins.

If one really looks at the evidence, one will find that the problem is more about homosexual sins/abuse that child molestation and that a contributing factor has been the relaxation of clergy discipline.

Add to this the media hatred of the Church and voila, we are living through this scandal.

I hope the Holy Father reacts strongly and with clarity and a bit of force, to purge the Church of this problem and to tell the media to shut up all ready, as if it is the only institution with this problem.

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