ABC News blames Benedict XVI for abuse
Regardless of what Benedict may have or may not have done with respect to Fatima, the Catholic Church for which he is responsible is the Bride of Christ on earth and he is the Vicar.

Having said that, I agree with glgas that the real child abusers are organizations like ABC whose music and visual productions do sexualize children. 

If pedersasters molest children, ABC plays a part in setting the stage with its glorification of fornication and amoral universe.

If you want to form a lynchmob, you should head over to the Board of Directors for Disney (which owns ABC and extremely anti-Catholic Miramax studios), and others in the entertainment industry... those are the people who are chief operatives in all of this.

Disney does quite a lot to sexualize children, so they have a lot of gall in pointing the finger at the Catholic Church if they want to play this game.

I think this is a whole new opportunity to teach about the objective reality of the moral imperatives reinforced on the whole (except for degenerate social groups) until the last forty years by Christianity.


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