ABC News blames Benedict XVI for abuse
Here is the VT Judge I was talking about. It has nothing to do about influential people it has to do with a judge that shouldn't be in his position...

Judge Cashman must be fired (warning...foul language)
State's judicial system failed abused child

Judge gives child-rapist 60-day sentence
No longer believes in punishment: 'Anger doesn't solve anything'

    Claiming he no longer believes in punishment, a Vermont judge issued a 60-day sentence to a man who confessed to repeatedly raping a girl over a four-year period, beginning when she was 7 years old.

    Cashman said he's more concerned now about rehabilitation.

    "The one message I want to get through is that anger doesn't solve anything. It just corrodes your soul," Cashman told a packed Burlington courtroom made up mostly of people related to the victim.

I am sitting here with my jaw in my lap. I am speechless. I would try to wrap my brain around the logic behind this sentencing, if there were any. But there is not one shred of logic attached to this in any way.

This "judge" no longer believes in punishment? Then he can no longer do the job he was hired to do and should subsequently be FIRED. Immediately.

Mark Hulett ADMITTED that he raped this child countless times. A CHILD. He RAPED a CHILD REPEATEDLY over the course of FOUR YEARS. And this judge doesn't think he belongs in jail.

Actually, I happen to agree with Judge Cashman on this point. This deviant does not belong in jail. He belongs UNDER it.


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