ABC News blames Benedict XVI for abuse
(03-19-2010, 11:43 AM)QuisUtDeus Wrote:
(03-19-2010, 10:58 AM)ggreg Wrote: Until the Holy Father tells us the whole truth about Fatima then I don't have much sympathy for him I am afraid.  If he can lie to the world about a critical message from Heaven intended to be published in 1960, then he cannot really complain when the media lies about him.  After all to his mind there is no such thing as absolute truth anyway just thesis and antithesis.

He has the solution to the world's problems.  Consecrate Russia to the IHM.  He steadfastly refuses to carry out Heaven's mandate and carries on feeding the newchurch swine with whatever remaining pearls are left after 1900 years of Tradition have been ransacked.

He was head of the CDF for 25 years and "whistled Dixie" as far as doing anything about these scandals is concerned.

If his persecution brings him back to the truth then I am all for it.  If it does not, then he has bigger things to worry about than a little more scandal in a swimming pool of scandal that is the modern Catholic Church.

He may do all those things yet.  As for the past, I think JP2 tied his hands a lot.  I could be wrong, though...

Well his hands have been untied for the past five years since JP2 has been dead and Cardinal Ratzinger has been the Pope.

Five years is long enough for me to wonder whether he will EVER do anything.

A man who has had his hands tied for 25 years, one might think, would act quickly when the cords were cut.

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