Architect of Betrayal?: WH Exposes Obama as Provocateur of Catholic Dissention
We should look into squatting laws. Last time I was montreal I was at a squat. We later were beaten sensless by the cops out of it. Byt we had it for months. When I was there anyhooooo.
Not to say we should invite the local anarchist to help lol
Now what did you just say? ???
Wrong thread.
(03-19-2010, 06:58 PM)devotedknuckles Wrote: LoL
Wrong thread.

Not if we squat in the halls of Congress...
Were CHA and LCWR previously totally in line with the US bishops?   Somehow I doubt it.  

Obama is still a sleazeball for encouraging a split between Catholic organizations, but we knew he was an unprincipled manipulator a year ago, or at least I did.  I couldn't believe people were letting him shine them on the way they were.  I saw through his much-vaunted charm from the get-go.  

We have a problem in the Church today: many Catholics don't accept the Pope's leadership of the Church.  They justify it by citing their own consciences, which may or may not be well formed.  They also justify it by saying the Pope is not acting "in the spirit of" Vatican II, or that he has not done enough to correct the abuses done "in the spirit of" Vatican II.   We can't blame those problems on Obama, sleazeball though he is.
This is the USCCB position of the health care reform

In our Catholic tradition, health care is a basic human right. Access to health care should not depend on where a person works, how much a family earns, or where a person lives. Instead, every person, created in the image and likeness of God, has a right to life and to those things necessary to sustain life, including affordable, quality health care. This teaching is rooted in the biblical call to heal the sick and to serve "the least of these," our concern for human life and dignity, and the principle of the common good. Unfortunately, tens of millions of Americans do not have health insurance. According to the Catholic bishops of the United States, the current health care system is in need of fundamental reform. To learn about Catholic teaching on health care in more detail, read the full statement by the United States Catholic Bishops, A Framework for Comprehensive Health Care Reform, at
yes and your point? thats not an endorsement of this monstrosity being forced upon your nation gigas
Tell me DK, if this actually happens, how do you think it would compare with your system? I have had Canadians express extreme displeasure in your system, personally to me, how do you think this would compare?
yes and those Canadians are right. i am one of the few Canadians who doesn't think gov health care is good. if you have ever bothered to read my threads here in the tank on this issue you would no that. that said depending on the Provence you can opt out. the Mennonites as a people don't receive it. its folly for your nation of 300 million to try to graft a system that doesn't work with ours a nation of 30 million. the gov has said as much and every year we are getting a little more private. its a slow process but it is happening. in short. your system is broken but to replace something that's broken with something that's broken is just dumb. imho
the commie solution to this plm isnt a solution and will only make things worse


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