Baronius or TAN/St. Benedict Douay-Rheims
Thanks everyone for the input. It seems that they're mostly the same except that the Baronius version costs $20 more.

Elizabeth, you mentioned:
(03-22-2010, 09:58 AM)elizabeth Wrote: Baronius has lost my trust a little when they came out with their new 1962 missal, complete with the Luminous mysteries.

One of my favorite things about Baronius is that they have tried to unite tradition with the continual growth of God's Holy Chuch. His Holiness Pope John Paul II never mandated that people pray the Luminous mysteries. These were merely an optional suggestion of the legitimate successor of Peter. Popes even have the authority to pronounce dogmas that we must believe. Also, centuries ago the 15th mystery was the Last Judgement, but this was changed. If you have not read Rosarium Virginis Mariae by Pope John Paul II, I recommend it. He said his favorite prayer was the Holy Rosary and declared that year "The Year of the Rosary", encouraging all to pray the Rosary.


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