Bp W Column 3-20: Virile Distress

"Let me make no apology for coming back on a profound disorder of our wretched times: the dominance in public of women over men. That woman – the mother – should be queen in the home over things of the home – nothing more normal. But when she queens it in public, then there is something seriously wrong with the menfolk: they are giving to the women no lead or direction towards God, and the womenfolk are reacting, as is their nature, instinctively.

It is an intelligent young man from a distant land who reminds me of the problem. He observes around him that there are many more publications for women than for men; that in schools which are co-educational all the way to university, the girls, being more docile and diligent, regularly get better marks than the boys, who are in general disordered and do not apply themselves. My young friend asks, is co-education such a good idea ?

He observes that it results in the girls succeeding better in school and coming out on top as the new “stronger sex”, manipulating the new “weaker sex” now at the mercy of their beauty. In all domains of the emerging “civilization of woman”, women are taking over the positions of leadership. Even to have children, a laboratory will now enable them to do without men, who no longer mean anything. Men are a failure. My young friend concludes with the agonizing questions: “What are the rules for being a true man? What is the meaning of virility? How should the strength of men differ from the strength of women? What is the truly “strong woman”? And the strong man?”

My dear young friend, you were born into a Revolutionary world which is defying God, and therefore seeking to overthrow the nature and natural order of things as God created them. God’s basic design is as follows: he created man and woman with profoundly complementary natures to marry and so populate the earth, in order to populate Heaven. To woman he gave superior feelings to be the heart of the home by having and looking after the children. To man he gave a superior reason to be the head of the home, and to lead all the family to Heaven. She is designed for domestic life, in the family. He is designed for public life, in society.

Therefore as much as the woman and mother should be listened to and heeded in affairs of the family for which she was gifted (see Proverbs XXXI for the Word of God’s own portrait of the truly “strong woman”), so little should she normally be seen or heard in public affairs, for which she was not made. The problem today is that godless and gutless men leave a leadership vacuum into which women almost have to flow, good women reluctantly. My dear young friend, pray 15 Mysteries a day of the Holy Rosary of the Mother of God, maker of true men. Fill yourself with God, with God, with God, and then you will be able to give to women the three l’s which they absolutely need: to be listened to, to be loved, to be led. Without God, you will have them walking all over you.

I am absolutely serious about 15 Mysteries a day. No less is needed.

Kyrie eleison."
Stephen Heiner
I predict this thread will go over 10 pages.
Interestingly, I've been reading Fr. Larry Richards "Be A Man" book.  He's pretty much a neo-Cath but he's essentially on the same side as Bishop W. and strangely, the bizaare Dr. John Gray of "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" did a PBS show recently and pointed out the same natural differences between men and women.  (Dr. Gray's fatal flaw though is his pan-religious indifferentism which justifies. )  Everything they say can usually be expressed much more succinctly with a short statement of  His Excellency.

I think Bishop WIlliamson should write a book on the genders and marriage.  He can use his long experience in the confessional and from visiting probably thousands fo families over the years to teach people from the ground up. 
How I love this man. +W for pope!
What His Grace :thumb: said...
(03-24-2010, 01:22 PM)Heinrich Wrote: How I love this man. +W for pope!

If it were up for a vote.

Is that a Romy AK, Heinrich?
Of course, what are we to do with Queen Isabella, Queen St. Margaret of Scotland, and Queen Blanche of France if women should neither be seen nor heard in public affairs?
(03-24-2010, 01:31 PM)Anastasia Wrote: Of course, what are we to do with Queen Isabella, Queen St. Margaret of Scotland, and Queen Blanche of France if women should neither be seen nor heard in public affairs?

Being from the UK, I am sure that His Grace understands the difference..That which lies between one who, through lineage, ascends to a monarchical title and the seeking of political office..The two are not comparable.

Keep in mind that all other factors being equal, a male heir to a throne will assume said throne before a woman will.
When Margaret Thatcher was brought up as an example to His Excellency he said, "She was the best man for the job."
I would say 15 decades a day if i was given less darned homework by the liberal university.

Am watching this thread too! Interesting...

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