Formal Introduction
Perhaps I should of posted here before ticking people of yesterday. :D

I was raised in a strict Catholic family and prayed the Rosary every night. As a child I (very young) I wanted to be a Priest, but was discouraged by family who in truth I believe did not want to see me fail, for I was rebellious and always in trouble. Somewhere along the path to manhood I began to stray. Falling in and out with the Church. I went from searching truth in Zen Buddhism to false spirituality and eventually only believing in things that could be seen and proved empirically. Lost, I not only denied the existence of the devil but of God and the love of Christ.

Now I had all my life since childhood, experienced what I now view as spiritual encounters. One Priest who I hold much repsect for, explained to me that I had a stressful life and possibly suffered from PTSD.  Then one Priest who I talked with just before I fell into total darkness, told me that my spiritual experiences both good and bad, were gifts of the Holy Spirit. I took it as superstition at best and paid no mind.

Then between a desperate request from my wife, a dance with death at my own hands and vision in my dreams of having the Blessed Mother taken away from me by dark shadows, I returned to the Church and towards a life in devotion to the Blessed Mother and in devoted service to Christ the Savior. I know I have a long journey ahead of me, but in the words of St. Martin de Tours  "...I will not avoid the toil."
You are most welcome!
I must have been somewhere else and I missed the brouhaha, but as someone who also deals with PTSD, I am very much aware of what you are saying, here: it is truly beautiful in spite of the hardship.  Both priests were probably right.

God bless you and welcome to our humble abode.
Hello  :)
Welcome to the message board and, most especially, back to the Faith!


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