Real Catholic TV and Opus Dei
ok ill look it up.u know i usual just breeze past gigas
im still waiting for orvil to answer my simple questions. interesting how he was so eager to toss shit yet isnt so eager to defend his slander.
i wont hold my breath
(03-28-2010, 11:54 AM)devotedknuckles Wrote: im still waiting for orvil to answer my simple questions. interesting how he was so eager to toss shit yet isnt so eager to defend his slander.
i wont hold my breath

Ease up, I've been busy and don't spend a lot of time on here. What I wrote isn't slander, to the contrary.

I've written extensively on this site and others about the errors and cultist behaviors that is common within the realms of OD.

And they do target the elite and vulnerable (those unsure of their faith and minors). The only reason that you are not a numerary/supernumerary is that it's quite obvious you are not vulnerable I don't know what you do for a living but it obviously wasn't good enough for them otherwise you'll be asking your spiritual director for another session with the discipline.

When I say elite I mean that we never see plumbers or garbage truck drivers, sewer cleaners or other blue collar workers as numeraries/supernumeraies. This irks me.

Their numerary members DO NOT take vows, they make a promise once a year. OD often says that their numeraryies are free to leave at anytime. Trust me, that's not true. I've help 3 people escape from this cult and it's not as easy as they make out.

Numeraries have a quota to obtain at least 4 to 7 new recruits a year. This is why it's devious to have numeraries as 'tutors' at the OD schools. The one on one sessions are more than that. I witnessed a beautiful out going young 15 year old girl turn into a mindless OD robot in about 2 months. This happens everyday and the greatest tool in all of this is the confessional where the numerary tutor creates a 'spiritual crisis' with the young person who then goes to confession and the OD priest, who's in on the act, will ask in the confessional 'is God asking you to join the work'. Happens every day. You'll ask for proof, well take it from me. But maybe I'm just a mindless slandering git??

Look, if you're cool with OD that's fine. Nothing I say will ever change your mind but Opus Dei is built upon lies, deception and tears from the parents who loose their children to this cult. I've seen it. And I will say that they are a cult it at every opportunity and bring into question their methods of recruiting any time that I feel is right.

your full of shit. and here is why
first. you claim they target the elite. i have asked you what is wrong with that. you have not answered.
second.  you claim they target the vulnerable. well this doesn't make much sense. why would an organization which has its eyes on the elite target losers? ie the vulnerable?
third and im going to be polite with you in this. the only reason i am not numerary/supernumery is because after much discernment i choose to seek direction through a different charasm. it was my choice. what i do for a living made enough money to own more then one condo, and spend a few years traveling this ugly fallen world and not be in debt. i came in contact with opus dei through my work. there were members allot poorer then me. as for the discipline. i appreciated it greatly. and my spiritual director with opus dei is dear to me as few are. if you will trash talk the holy priest he is. i wont leave you be. i will challange you every chance i get. your dimwitted lies. your rumors and slander against Holy men i will not leave your lies to rest idly unchallenged. im a mccarthy. and ill be damned if ill give up!!!! . i challenge you here to either back up your bullshit or shut up!
if you spent a little time  with a spiritual director of the Work or read its history you will see there are blue collar workers involved. the original members were blue collar workers. yes they have centers on university campuses and attract disciplined students. opus dei attracts  those who have drive to succeed either in studies or at work. this is not wrong. again i ask you is it against the faith to have an evangelizing mission to those who are elite? (your word) is it?
i'm full well aware on what  numeraries members do. don't presume to teach me. i even wrote a contract but again i stress God called me to lets say, a more ardent charasim one that deals more with knuckle sandwiches. then opus dei.
numeries are free to leave at any time. i spent enough time in opus deis centers and eaten enough meals with numeries to confidently say this. have you? there is nothing wrong, immoral about having a quota. and its not devious to have numeries work at opus dei schools. far from it. its their schools they have the bloody well right to pick who teaches or tutors in them. in other words who pays the piper bloddy well picks the tune. interesting you blame a numerary of creating a spiritual crises. last time i checked the church and this fallen world was in one. what 15 year old lass beautiful or but ugly isnt in a spiritual crises? turning a beautiful 15 year old lass into a robot in two months?? wow every lads dream. pls do tell. you'd get yourself filthy rich selling that secret. As for priests being in the act lol the act of what being a spiritual director? aiding and guiding those in discernment? well yes orvil in that i agree. i do ask for proof. put up or shut up? or are you scared an albino monk will hunt you down?
and no i don't trust you. as for you helping three people escape sorry but thats a load. but by all means nows the time to spill the beans. again i challenge you orvil
what lies is opus dei built on?
this is your chance orvil to help some escape right here right now. to show for all here in this thread your expose. your chance lad  to show all the works deception. show the proof? shouldn't be so hard. every time you spew your nonsense orvil i will be over you like flies on shit because so far that's all you seem to be full off
in charity, and looking forward to your reply
knuckles,  devoted knuckles
Whatever mate.
I'm not going to get into a slinging match with you over this.
I know what I've been through and as I said if it's a good fit for you then so be it.
I'm not going to waste my time answering to your abuse.

excuse me!!! you post claims that i challenge.
if you cant back up your claims then u should not make them.
if you really expect to earn peoples trust this is not the way orvil. u claim many things i have asked specific questions in regards to your claims,
you have not answered one.
goes to show
this was your opportunity. to air it. to state the lies you know are lies the deceptions. instead you make claims and i have asked honest questions of you.
you have not answered.
this is what separates the boys from he men orvil. you couldn't even answer one question lol
I'm not wasting my time with your abusive un-readable posts.
ciao if you think asking you pointed straight questions in regards to your claims is abuse then well such is life
not one question you could answer.
i dunno but i'm sure the lads were hoping for the 15 year old lass secret and all.
This thread should be set to a sticky as an example of bearing false witness.
I have repeatedly asked  for orvil to back his which he refuses.  If these allegations were true then it should be easy to show.
His silence is deafening.
No response but an echo. So this is an illustration on how those who have nothing but empty lies or rummurs can be engaged.
Challange them. Challange themm demand for them to back up their lies. As has been shown here.
They won't. Orvil I'd love to be prooved wrong. This is your chance

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