Divine Mercy Sunday
I don't know how you consider this as a "bearded woman"

[Image: divine-mercy.jpg]
Umm...if this is not a bearded woman, I don't know what is:
[Image: dmhb.jpg]

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(03-31-2010, 01:09 PM)mike6240 Wrote: I don't do the Divine Mercy because the way I have seen others pray the devotion makes me ill.  I'm sorry if this sounds inconsiderate of others.  To me, the Divine Mercy feminizes Jesus beyond the pale.  The prayers of the devotion are childish, infantile, girlish and are almost always recited in that sicky-sweet pablum tone of voice. Another beef I have with the devotion is the portraits of the Divine Mercy - portraying Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior as a bearded woman.  I've seen some horrendous and tacky statues and pictures of Jesus Christ in my life, but to me, the Divine Mercy image is borderline blasphemy.

If others find the Divine Mercy devotion spiritually fulfilling, wonderful.  But for me, I'll stick with the Sacred Heart devotion.

I am also devoted to the Sacred Heart, in fact, the picture we had enthroned is the same as the model you show there, used for Divine Mercy. The same complaints have been made of the Sacred Heart images, messages, and prayers. The same complaint is made of the Infant of Prague with his curly blond hair and lacy collars.. Yes, there are religious images that seems tacky and cheesy to others, but what you are doing is discouraging devotion by your words, and making people feel bad. I feel bad. Let's remember that the power is not in the canvas. The power is the Lord's. Devotions bring people to daily Mass and the sacraments. That's what matters most.
(03-31-2010, 01:20 PM)mike6240 Wrote: Umm...if this is not a bearded woman, I don't know what is:
[Image: dmhb.jpg]

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Here's the picture of the Sacred Heart that we had enthroned 30 years ago. Look familiar?

[Image: SacredHeartPicture2.jpg]

Yes, it's the same model.
I've always thought pictures of Jesus were kind of effeminate.  I think it is supposed to convey gentility.
Here (imo) is a good image of the Sacred Heart and Divine Mercy combined.

[Image: DivineMercy1.jpg]
There were actually three "official" portraits of Divine Mercy over the past 75 years.

This is the first one, that St. Faustina did not like, but finally settled on after the artist did numerous edits.
I have this one framed and on my desk at work:
[Image: divinemercy1.jpg]

This is the second one, after St. Faustina's death:
[Image: dmercy.jpg]

And this is the current one:
[Image: divine-mercy1.jpg]
(03-31-2010, 01:15 PM)Petertherock Wrote: I don't know how you consider this as a "bearded woman"

[Image: divine-mercy.jpg]

And in fact, this was how Jesus wanted the painting to be, according to St Faustina. I NEVER even had thought remotely near me. Bearded woman...... :pazzo:
This is the image of the Sacred Heart in my home:

[Image: Sacred%20Heart3.JPG]

I see the contemporary Divine Mercy portrait as a very feminized Jesus portrait (and yes, I think most look like bearded women.  Beauty, or non-beauty, is in the eye of the beholder).
(03-31-2010, 01:49 PM)StrictCatholicGirl Wrote: Here (imo) is a good image of the Sacred Heart and Divine Mercy combined.

[Image: DivineMercy1.jpg]

i like that image much better because it has the Sacred Heart, too, which gives the water and blood a place to flow from, and i also like the actual halo as opposed to faint glowing light around His head.  i think his robe and stance also look more masculine than in the standard Divine Mercy image.  it's just an aesthetic viewpoint that i'm expressing, of course, but aesthetics is important to me.  i picture particular artworks when i pray the Rosary.

this whole debate is kind of like arguing about which color is the best, though, or which is the best song ever written.  different people like different colors, different songs, etc.

i know you like the Divine Mercy devotion, Lisa, and i respect that because i respect you.  i know that many other people like it, too, and i like the way they sing it on EWTN but then they show the image and it leaves me cold.  i think it's mostly because of the way the water and blood are fanning out instead of flowing, and don't have a real point of origin.  i might be able to get into the devotion with an image like the one you posted.  i love Byzantine art so anything remotely like a Byzantine icon is going to appeal to me more than anything that looks like Protestant Jesus or Buddy Jesus/ Sports Jesus.

if you're looking for images of Jesus crucified, Jesus exposing His Sacred Heart, Jesus as the Infant of Prague, Jesus as the Good Shepherd, etc., you can find more than one image, especially if you look for old images as well as new ones, and choose the one you like best.   the same is true for images of Mary and all the saints.  imo, there are some really awful, ugly images of Jesus exposing His Sacred Heart, as the Infant of Prague, etc., but i don't have to have those in my home.  

until you posted this image, though, i'd never seen any image of the Divine Mercy but the one posted above.  the statues as well as the 2D images all look the same.  i would think that's because it's such a new devotion that artists haven't been creating different versions of it, though it's probably within the parameters of Sister Faustina's visions to allow some differences.  i mean, did Jesus tell her He had to have a forked beard?  probably not.  for that matter, people around the world have depicted Jesus as looking like their own ethnic group.  i don't think Jesus minds.

p.s. i also like the first one, the one you said you have on your desk.  i've never seen it or the second one before.


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