Iraq: child killed in attack on Christian home
Yes all fine and dandy and hois body guards were considered traitors by assyarians in iraq. Who were forbidden to learn their language or even speak it outside their home. I've spent long enough around Assyarians to know. Have u? Have u? Most christians in iraq loathed and hated the man. Even though they were of a better class then most ie the middle class. How many Assyrians have u drank with? Lived with? Have u spoken to them about the ADM? Clearly I'm talkoing through my ass. I'd love to talk aboiut this with both of u.
Where is all the Christian outrage over the one-and-a-half million dead Iraqis, mostly Muslims and mostly minding their own business, who have been killed in since 2003?

Baskerville Wrote:Was the US bombing them in the 700's when they invaded Europe and Charles Martel stopped them? I never knew the US existed until 1776 apparently all headhunter aggression against the true faith since the late 600's has to do with the US huh? And please Anamchara do tell and dont just ignore the historical atrocities of Islam like you always do. Was the US to blame for the invasion of Vienna by the Turks in the 1500's please tell me what was their motivation.

I suggest you listen to any of the dozens of interviews various mujaheddin fighters - I'm talking about the guys on the ground, not the  phony CIA figureheads (i.e.: Osama bin Laden/"Tim Osman") - have given to Western press in the past decade. You ain't gonna find anyone talking about Charles Martel or the Crusades. Half the guys are there because their brother was killed by the Americans, or because they're angry at Eastern European "Jewish" squatters in the Holy Land (AKA: the state of Israel), or because Blackwater burned down their house, or because their kid starved to death because of Western sanctions. The other half are their for money or adventure, kind of like 99% of the Western soldiers.
I'm sorry P-g but ur full fo shit. Tanzim was actually one of the few  militias which did not participate in drug running.for loot to aquire arms. Broad stroke of a rotten brush u paint with.  Tanzim  earned a name for itself for being at the forefront of most major battles.they suffered mayrtyrs and u think drug cartels would take on and fight against syria. And 3 moham militias?  LoL yeah keep watching the tele ur learnoing allot.
I attend Bashirs annual requem. He is a hero to catholics.  How many maronites do you speak to about this? How many members of the Kateam or tanzim have u sipped tea with?
See learning shit through books is good but its very very limiting. Have u any clue as to why the cathoics in lebanon even faught back? Do u know what the hell started it? If u are dumb enough to belive it was about drugs then fine. But see my sig line speaks about dhimitude not drug prices. Perhaps u should spend some time readong up on bashir and the lebanese forces.  I and those who attend Maronite masses and are close with Maronites know better.
Quite rich for brits to shake a finger at catholics who revolted and faught against all odds in lebanon. Yes indeed how rich. Ill love to talk about this with u. I know a fare bit.about it. By the sounds of it more then you.  Also Tanzim and Kateab got more arms from romania and bulgaria and  italy then the states.which didn't sply them arms.  U wouldn't know that would u?. As for isreal support yes but catholics had little choice. But see this is the thing u sit safe in the west and know shit about hard decisions when the world abandons u where will u get arms and loot to save your culture and faith from mohomadans and dhimitude. . U bastards here have more sympathy for mohamadans then your Maronite brothers!
Shame on low!!  Crooked coward!
A brit sayong the U.S. Is leading the world in secularization LOL
Yeah whatever your nation is being overrun by mohamadans and u sit there and say they r a minor plm. Again what is with u people? Has it ever occured to u the church has more then one enemy? That mohamadanism and liberalism are both enemies that assist eachother? Do I really have to spell it out for u?
Islam and liberalism are enemies of Chritianity. That being said, this statement is fatuous,

devotedknuckles Wrote:That mohamadanism and liberalism are both enemies that assist eachother?

Maybe on a cosmic level, as agents of the devil. I just don't see them as being in cahoots on this end of things.

Quote:Do I really have to spell it out for u?

Please do. (This should be fun. :popcorn:)
So traditional catholics are arguing this isn't about mohamadanism?
The bathist came to power in 64 was mohamadanism ever a threat prior? I mean pls am I imagining it all? Sorry I thought the church declared mohamadanism its sempeternal enemy?
My bad.
Guess we all believe in the same god and all that and really the only enemy is seclurist yes yes pass the kool aid seems like it tastes good
Ok credo been a while since I've listened to your bullshit but sure. The tanks resident moham lover is needed here.
How can one not argue that liberalism has not assisted mohamadans and mohamadanism. New labour in the uk openend the borders up millions of pakis who r mpohamadans who have made london into londonstan. My point isn't to pick on political parties. My point really is this. Liberal secularist are at war wih the church and christian culture of thw est. Anything to do with christiandom. So r mohamadans. And mohamadanism. Mohamadanism attacks us openly when it is in a strong postion ie in ME A-stan iran chechnya north africa. Where it is in a weeak position it cryies victem. Ie in the west. Liberals and u and some others here assist mohamadanism by refusing to accept or even admit most times it is a threat or ever has been. Or ever will be. Instead to u or others its the cia or abc or kgb or men in black here ot men in rubber there. Mohamadans know this they r clever they know they have the best of both worlds. They have mohamadan states ie pakistan or saudi arabia to fund them yet they the west to pamper them liberal seclurist who have let them in by the millions. Both have the same end the destruction of christianity and catholicism both assist eachother in this end
devotedknuckles Wrote:Ok credo been a while since I've listened to your bullshit but sure.

I take you up on your offer to spell out your position. Wow. Nice guy.

Quote:The tanks resident moham lover is needed here.


Quote:Liberal secularist are at war wih the church and christian culture of thw est. Anything to do with christiandom. So r mohamadans.

I just said the same thing. What's your beef?

Quote:They have mohamadan states ie pakistan or saudi arabia

Is this why the selfsame governments are constantly under threat of being toppeled by their own Islamists?

It is highly amusing when hundreds of millions of individuals, speaking totally different languages, with different - often warring - nationalities, histories and cultures, are all lumped into "Mohammedans."
First if we r sayong the same thing then what's your beef?
Second do u know what mohamadanism means?
What does christian mean credo? It transcends borders languages cultures. Connect the dots. When u do that move on to ideology and then read Qutb. See what he has to say.
Pakistan is one of the major benifactors of 911 in both military aid and loot. I'm sure u will deny that but whatever. Pakistan also was one of the major players in the development of the modern ideology of jehad. Yeah I knopw u thoink it was langly
Saudi arabi builds mosques everywhere it can cough Rome as well. From kosovo to rome to canada to the states saudi loot builds these vile huts of satanic worship. See either ur studpid or playing dumb. Just because al qeada whom u admit si just a cia langly outfit has a plm with them now it does not mean its a done deall sealed and delivered. There is colussion. The saudi royals are not the wests friend. Even after the siege of mecca when they used fench paras to take it back and osuma papa got the bid to rebuld its been a constant intertwined intersection of many currents of radical jehadism
Yes they r a target now yes they for the most part still support the goals. From chechnya to kosovom or is it just all the cia lol
[Image: 28i0pqv.jpg]

LF Cross

صَليبُ المقاومة اللبنانية

مُستوحى من الصُّلبـان المشرقيّة ويَرمـز ألى ثلاثة :

  ١ - صليب مخلّصنا يسوع المسيح

باللون الاّحمر ، دَ لالـَة على الشهادة والمجـد .

۲ - صَليب مَسيحييّ لبـنان

دلالة على معاناتهم عبر التاريخ .

۳ – "الشطبة" عند قاعدة الصَليب

ترمز إلى ِقوّة الإرادة عند مسيحييّ لبـنان والتصميم

على إبقاء الصّليب مغروزّا في هذه البقعة من العالم .

تاريخ إطلاقه:

إن هذا الصليب أطلقته المرشدية الروحية في القوات اللبنانية

في "يوم صلاة المقاوم" في باحة محبسة القديس شربل في عناية

بتاريخ 19 نيسان 1984.

Inspired from the eastern crosses and symbolizes 3 things:
1- The Cross of our savior Jesus Christ In red, the sign of martyrdom and glory.
2- The bearing cross of the Lebanese Christians The sign of their suffering throughout history.
3- The Diagonal cut at the base of the cross It symbolizes the strength of the Lebanese Christians’ will and their determination to keep the cross planted in this region of the world.

Date of its release:
This cross has been launched by the Department of Faith in the Lebanese Forces on "Resistant Prayer day" in the Church on St-Charbel, Annaya, Lebanon on April 19, 1984

yes p-g a bunch o drug pushin crooks they are

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