Iraq: child killed in attack on Christian home
(03-31-2010, 08:26 PM)devotedknuckles Wrote: Yes all fine and dandy and hois body guards were considered traitors by assyarians in iraq. Who were forbidden to learn their language or even speak it outside their home. I've spent long enough around Assyarians to know. Have u? Have u? Most christians in iraq loathed and hated the man. Even though they were of a better class then most ie the middle class. How many Assyrians have u drank with? Lived with? Have u spoken to them about the ADM? Clearly I'm talkoing through my ass. I'd love to talk aboiut this with both of u.

I haven't spoken about it with any Assyrians, only some Detroit-area Chaldeans, and opinions seemed universally negative about everything there. They didn't like Saddam (although he was better than the Turks), are glad he is gone, but hate what's happening now to their families just as much. Every family has a horror story about a cousin or two, a beheading, a rape, or a murder.
yes it is horrible. but to simply argue this is due to the Americans is misleading. saddam kept the vile mohammedan sin check because he was a ruthless vile bastard himself. if the Americans would of ruled the same way then it would not of ended up as bad. but they didn't far from it.
i'm very close with Assyrians and Maronite. i dunno why just happened i'm a Latin but i spend allot of time drinking with Maronite or Assyrians. so i got to know them and their cause particularity Maronite very very well i could o married a Maronite lass. wouldn't of been that expensive. guess i should of cuz i settled for a damn psycho maygar
such is life regardless. we should not be so dismissive of mohamadanism. another way secularist have helped them is by gutting the urge to fight in the west and social engineering. this serves the mohamads.
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I'm sorry P-g but ur full fo shit. Tanzim was actually one of the few  militias which did not participate in drug running.for loot to aquire arms.
I didn't state that they did. Who is full of it,dk?

Al-Tanzim were generally close to the Lebanese Army and General Aoun until they stupidly involved themselves with the Lebanese Front. Even so they continued to remain of far better quality, both morally and militarily, than the other militias, which allowed them to eventually back General Aoun once again when he returned from exile.

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I attend Bashirs annual requem. He is a hero to catholics.
Don't make me laugh. Bachir Gemayel did more than any man to bring disaster to the Lebanon. Far more than even Geagea who helped Syria by fighting against the Lebanese Army.

He was a gangster. A paid puppet of the USA , of Israeli gangsters Menachem Begin and Ariel Sharon, a collaborator of the Israeli Defence Force.  He is only a hero to Liberals, to Judaizers, to Zionists and, of course to their fellow-travellers, the neo-conned Catholics.

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many members of the Kateam or tanzim have u sipped tea with?
See learning shit through books is good but its very very limiting.
I know plenty of Lebanese Catholics, not that it's any business of yours. There are more than 10,000 Lebanese exiles in central London, where I lived for twenty years. All the Lebanese I speak with tell me the very same thing, the very same thing that I already know. The Jews a far worse enemy than the Moslems.

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Have u any clue as to why the cathoics in lebanon even faught back? Do u know what the hell started it?
Yes, I know what started it. The root cause was the illegal Jewish Bandit-State forcibly murdering and driving the Palestinians to exile in the Lebanon and surrounding countries. The immediate cause of the Civil War was your hero, Bachir, who had his men kill a bus full of PLFP people in retaliation for an attempted assassination of his father. The perpetrators of the attempted assassination were never identified but your hero decided to choose someone to start a war with anyway. And then just to make sure of it he ordered his brave fighters out into the streets to indiscriminately murder hundreds of Palestinian civilians.

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How many Assyrians have u drank with? Lived with? Have u spoken to them about the ADM?
My God man. Are you in your right mind? The Assyrian Democratic Movement are a bunch of pinko lefties who preach democracy and religious pluralism as principle. Is that what you are really about? I had you marked down differently. More fool me.

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Yeah whatever your nation is being overrun by mohamadans and u sit there and say they r a minor plm.
They are a minor problem that is being enforced on us by the major problem that we suffer and that you are defending.

Liberalism, Secularism, the power of Masonry and International Jewry. These things constitute the major problem. They are the ones who have engineered the invasion of Moslems into Europe, just as they did in the Lebanon. The Moslems can only remain in European countries for as long as the Liberal and Secularist powers-that-be allow them to.
p-g said this
"Most of the militias during the civil war were little more than drug-running, blood-thirsty, crime syndicates working for, and financed by, Israel"

i posted an example of one that wasn't. al tanzim. i was challenging u on your broad strokes.
Bashir is far more loved then aoun. have you any sense man? Bashir was the only man that could of brought peace and stability hence he was assassinated. he is not only a hero to jews or their symps which you so outrageously claim but to most that is MOST Maronites view him as a hero. ive spent a long time with Maronite pg. go to the Lebanese forces forum and tell them all about will it u. the Maronites would love to be told by a brit who is and who can be their hero. if the christian militias would not of acted when they did it is doubtful many Christians would be left in Lebanon. and you think it was about drugs. lol.  that's a classic brit way of thinking. i remember the brits moaning about the troubles being about drugs to. seems when ever the brits don't like something its either the jews or drugs that did it. interesting. aoun is viewed mainly as a traitor. and yes the Kateab and later the Lebanese forces did receive aid from isreal and from a number of nations Italy and Bulgaria and Romania to name the better known examples. the receiving of arms from isreal and the black market dealers was of necessity. not that you a brit would know this. but one day your nation will be on the receiving end lad. and your crocodile tears will fall on cold deaf ears.. such is war. its nasty and when your people need arms u find them. its the difference between sitting in the uk reading and watching the tele about a war and actually fighting in one. its the difference between being safe in the uk which got fat of of off imperialism or being in the midst of a vicious civil war and having few allies. yes pg. make no mistake arms were had in many many ways. such is the disaster called war.

"The root cause was the illegal Jewish Bandit-State forcibly murdering and driving the Palestinians to exile in the Lebanon"

a state your nation. your government your people set up. you hypocrite. the brits caused the creation of isreal and you sit here and shake a finger at the yankees. Militias were forming before it. The Lebanese gov lost the consent and ability to govern. The Lebanese army actually helped found and arm your said christian drug gans lol yet u claim the army were the only Catholics. The cause of the civil war was complex a rise in ideological mohmadanism the collapse loss of catholic status in gov and society the demise of the Lebanese economy

"o had his men kill a bus full of PLFP people in retaliation for an attempted assassination of his father."

Nothing wrong with that. id do the same if some assholes tried to whack me pa. family matters.
The cause of the civil war was not the bus massacre. Think about it for a second. How does killing people on a bus cause a 15 year civil war?

"And then just to make sure of it he ordered his brave fighters out into the streets to indiscriminately murder hundreds of Palestinian civilians" :laughing:

your so called Palestinian civilians where loathed by the Lebanese and were causing allot of plms for the nation and the Maronites. do u get your info from a mario puzo novel set in Lebanon? do tell

I am not a supporter of the amd that said I know many involved due to family which means yes I can say I have sipped tea with said pinko lefties.I brought up the adm to illustrate a point that your hero saddam hussain was not the all loved great leader of the Christians.  I have said I am close to the Maronites if u read my point.
spark was not the cause.
Well see when I attend bashirs requiem the Maronite church is packed. Guess for a gangster he sure is loved.  Now back to your hero
Sadaam husien. Catholics were of the professional class in iraq so many did betray there people and work with the regime. Why u a so called catholic would laud this is beyond me. But u know such is life.

"They are a minor problem that is being enforced on us by the major problem that we suffer and that you are defending."
slander from a brit means little to me pg but show where i have done so
The funnist thing I've heard iong time is a distridutist p_g calling something a pinko leftists
Talk about the kettle calling the pot black. Lol
Also I think this thread has gone of rez. I'm partly to blame no doubt perhaps a thread on the Lebanese civil war or the mohamadan as eternal victim would be more in order. And we can keep this one on why these Mohammedan murdering bastards who killed this wee boy are not responsible and instead it is the evil yankees and jews.
I'm ok with that what say u pog
What I find interesting. And I'm not the only one who has noticed this. Gunslinger has as well. And it is this
Whenever the mohamadans do an outrage. Murder babies behead people, car bomb markets, rape women, u name it. When ever they perpetrate an out rage some here as has been demonstrated so well in this thread rather then condemn them or even feel outrage at their outrages post "The American invasions to blame" or "isreal is to blame" or "the enemy is Israel and secularist not Muslims" in every thread on a Mohammedan outrage some post that shit. I find it very telling. In this thread pog and others essential absolved these murdering bastards of responsibility and thus derailed this thread. If I wouldn't of pushed the issue pog wouldn't of finally stated they r responsible though of course with conditions. In every thread. As a matter of fact I'm going to put together a thread on this with links to such threads its stunning. Where is your utrage credo at the murder of this wee boy? Instead u and others constantly blame everything and anything but the mohamadans why r the perps.
Interesting thsi has a name. A word for it. But its against the tanks rules to post it
Such is life
Yet pog has proved my point. He admits the liberal and secularist allow the mohamadans to overrun Europe. I have posted that to me assistance. That is what I have been saying. I'm not of the mind the church only has one enemy. She has many enemies. The jews r one. The mohamadans another the secularist another. They all share something in common. They all assist each other in various ways some open most covert but always to the same end. But its stunning how so called trad Catholics can't even discuss one enemy say mohamadanism without spewing that they aren't that bad or not the real enemy or not really the enemy yadda yadda. To ignore one enemy for the goal of shedding light on another is folly. I dunno I thought pog been around the block enough to know that
Eh guess I had u pegged different too

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