Christ on cross ‘could be porn under Indon law’
Christ on cross ‘could be porn under Indon law’

Even the naked body of Christ may be considered as pornography after Indonesia’s Constitutional Court approved a new anti-porn law, Catholics fear.

The fears arose after the Constitutional Court declared the anti-pornography law (enacted by the Government in 2008) to be compatible with Indonesian public policy, Fides reports.

Fides sources say that in Indonesian civil society, among moderate Muslims, Christians, and Hindu groups, as well as associations dedicated to protecting freedom and human rights - especially in eastern Indonesia- have challenged the document.

“It is not that we are pro-pornography,” explained Catholic sources of Fides, “but because it is feared that this law - accepting a controversial generic definition of ‘pornography,’ which includes ‘any attitude and any artistic-cultural form of communication that excites a sexual instinct or is contrary to morality,’ lends itself easily to exploitation: the fundamentalist Muslim fringe can use it to penalize non-Muslims and, ultimately, seek to impose strictly traditional customs, even the Sharia.”

“Our angels are naked,” an Indonesian priest told Fides ironically. “Will they be outlawed? This law comes at a time when the country is also debating the blasphemy law, which carries similar risks.

Many Islamic leaders and intellectuals have called for a review of the measure on blasphemy, saying it is the wrong weapon to leave in the hands of radical Islamic groups.

In the case of the anti-pornography bill, however, threats and insults have hit Catholic Judge Maria Farida, one of the nine judges of the Constitutional Court (the only woman and the only Catholic of the Court) because she courageously voted against this bill. We wish to express our support and our prayers for her.”

Even when the text of the law was drafted two years ago, the Indonesian Bishops expressed strong doubts and misgivings, in part because the rules that regulate public morality and decency in Indonesia are already contained in other legislation.
I'm going to Indonesia April 22 until May16, bringing back my bride to be. I spent 2 weeks there last Sept and I can tell you in some ways they are more modest than the US. You would never see gays, lesbo's embracing in public; in fact hetro couples who do more than hold hands in public are stared at. I'm sure sex before marriage happens there too, but its not openly and proudly displayed as here.

We went to Mass there, Jakarta, and I dont know the name of the Church, but it was stunning, beautiful. For a Muslim country, they are tolerant of other religions, the caveat being dont try to convert them. Its different than Saudia Arabia, Iran where just being a Catholic can get you in trouble. The country does have some beautiful places. The malls blow ours away. And for the most part, the women are very loyal; divorce is very rare. You hardly ever hear of adultery there. We could learn a thing or two from them if we werent so proud. But she will be coming back withe, and we will be married by the local priest, a Filipino, a good priest. A Yank, marrying a Chinese ancestory Indonesian, performed by a Filipino. Small world. After the ceremony, he is going to bless the house, kind of a fresh start.

I will never forget getting off the plane and the sign saying "the penalty for drug trafficking is death"  :o And they have the worst drivers I have ever seen.  :o  I thought Mexico was bad. But it doesn't suprise me that they would be aganist porn. People like Ellen Degenerate and Rosie O'Dumbell would never make it there. Only in America.
I've never seen a fully nude Christ on the cross. Is this something Catholics in other countries display?

In Nomine, congratulations on your marriage! I hope you will post photos.
Thanks. Hey I will when I return. Maybe some photos of the country. I would really like to go back to that church. I saw the Cathereral too. Its the oldest Church in Jakarta,  needs a little touch up, but its nice.
(03-31-2010, 01:44 PM)Satori Wrote: I've never seen a fully nude Christ on the cross. Is this something Catholics in other countries display?

Michaelangelo made a wood carving of a nude Christ crucified.

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