Our Lady, a Jewish mother?
"Because, as we've previously discussed, biblical Judaism isn't modern Talmudic Judaism."

Biblical Judaism? Just what is "biblical Judaism"?

Is that what the "jews" in the O.T. called their religion at the time?

Maybe you can dazzle us all with your brilliance oh enlightened one or at the very least toss a few pearls from that high horse of yours for all of us antisemites wallowing around down here in horseshit-land. ;D
Considering the BVM was the Mother of GOD not only is calling her our jewish mother misleading its down right insulting to her.
Never mind. It's like trying to communicate with a brick wall sometimes. My problem with the title "our Jewish Mother" is at the very least reasonable, and you and WRC have not made a good showing on this matter. Oh well.

But happy Easter all the same.
Happy Easter to you as well.

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