Good article on how to handle the lavender priesthood
(03-31-2010, 07:13 PM)Baskerville Wrote: I read this somewhere else too its a great article. Its so true its an opportune time for the Pope to remove all the queer Bishops (cough) (cough) and queer enabling Bishops but I doubt it will happen he'd be left with only a handful of Bishops to run the Church.

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Besides, that, how likely is it that a man who is essentially a Hegelian and a liberal, (albeit a relatively honest moderate liberal, who is honest enough to admit a few "mistakes" were made in the new springtime), a man who has done relatively little for 5 years is suddenly going to pull the cat out of the bag, re queer bishops, queer enabling bishops, liberal and apostate bishops?  You generally know how the pontificate is going to turn out after the first few years of it.  We've had 5 years and not much has happened by way of surprises or censure.  The SP/MP was essentially a meaningless peacemaking gesture that has had nothing more than a minor effect.  You can tell how effective this papacy is by how much the real liberals are hurting and they don't appear to be hurting much to me.

And consecrate Russia?  How?  They've long said they've already done it in the 1980s.  Fatima is consigned to the past.  Didn't you read the June 2000 commentary?  He's not going to open that can of worms (as he sees it).

Even the new rules aren't a ban on gay priests as the media likes to portray them.  They are more "suggestions" or "guidelines".  Cardinal Mahony has more or less said that he can work within the new "rules" and continue ordaining perverts.  No censure, no comment from B16.

I'd remind you all that this is a Pope who continues to do all sorts of heterodox and dodgy things such as giving communion to protestants and attending joint prayer meetings with other religions.  This is a man who in June 2000 told us in the opening paragraph of his commentary on the Third Secret that it was being "revealed here in its entirety".  A blatant lie about a message from Heaven intended for humanity in the 1960s, which he has had the benefit of knowing for at least 30 years.  Unless he is suddenly possessed by the soul of Bishop Richard Williamson or St. Pius Xth the idea that anything spontaneous and radical is going to come out his papacy seems to me to either be a futile hope or a weird sort of April fools joke for Traditionalists.

Either God is going to have to step in or we are going to have to wait for another few years, after what has already been half a century.

As Gollum likes to say, Patience my love, patience.

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