Hello from a recent TLM convert

Well, after lurking for a few months and feeling drawn to the traditional Mass since before my conversion last year I finally decided to take the 3 mass challenge I'd read about here.  It worked, I am truly in love with the TLM and have come to see the NO as a poor substitute for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, if not an out and out mockery of it.

The change has not been easy for me, however.  As I said above I converted last year... from evangelical Christianity.  Through a series of events I finally opened my eyes to the truth of the Catholic faith.  My grandparents are Catholic and so I called them up and went to Mass with them the next Sunday.  I was shocked to find the Mass was so protestant, and I liked it at the time.  It was protestantism done right; rock band with great acoustics, new agey with a hippy priest, no statues.  I went through RCIA at another parish whose NO liturgy was more reverent but still permeated with abuses that I later came to understand.

I tell you this because for me, the fact that these parishes weren't so far off from what I came from as a protestant made the transition to Catholicism a lot easier for me (I had a really hard time in my conversion with things like worrying that it was the devil leading me to convert due to a lifetime of anti-catholic brainwashing).  And so, in these liturgies, as heretical as they can be, I see God working for the good of those who love them.  It was the heresy in these parishes that led my to seek out the TLM.  In the parish where I went through RCIA the priest told me my sins weren't sins and I believe he broke the seal of confession.  I converted to be Catholic and all I've been fed is dissent.

But anyway, my husband still has not converted.  He was really interested when we attended my Grandparent's hippy parish, but I refuse to set foot there after I witnessed a man dressed as a woman offering the Blood of Christ as a EmHC (the crumbly bread and books about womynpriests in the library were bad enough but I sucked it up in the hopes that he would convert).  As a Bible believing Christian he agrees, but he thinks I am nuts for now preferring the TLM.  He doesn't understand going to Church when he can't understand the language and sites St Paul's exhortation on speaking tongues when there is no interpreter (but honey I have a missal!)  Sadly, my push for our family to attend the TLM has been a huge step back for his conversion.

I'm not quite sure what to do at this point.  We've got 4 young kids and I can't handle them at Mass by myself.  But I feel like I'm sinning when I leave them at home to go and experience heaven on earth.  Should I suck it up and go to the reverent NO that is held at the same parish ...  typing that makes me think that is the answer...

Oh well, thanks for reading.  Nice to meet ya, thanks for standing up for the truth.

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