Hello from a recent TLM convert

As kids go, you will eventually be able to handle them, but there will be world war 3 in the pew for a while.  Once they figure out you mean business, they'll know Mass is not playtime.  But, yeah, it would be hell getting to that point.

You know, if there are cross-dressers handing out Communion that definitely meets the bar for me to stay home rather than go to Mass there.  The pastor has to be in on something like that, so it seems to me the whole parish would be rotten.

If you have a TLM you should go.  If your husband doesn't get it, try to gently explain it to him.  A Lutheran once said to a friend of mine: If I believed that were truly the Body and Blood of Christ, I would go to the Communion Rail on my hands and knees.  Explain to him that you do believe it is truly the whole of the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Christ present, so how could you worship Him in any way except the most reverent?    Ask him how he would behave if Christ appeared in person in the room, and then see if he gets it.

Maybe also point out the priest isn't "speaking in tongues" - he has studied the Language just like someone who speaks French.  Speaking in tongues is a gift of the Holy Ghost where one has no knowledge of a language through study.  One of the main reasons for Latin is you could go to any Catholic Church in the world and understand the Mass once you can follow the Mass in Latin in your own parish.  You can't do that if the Masses are in different languages.  So it has nothing to do with tongues - for the most part, it is a practical matter.

Eh, I dunno.  Spouse issues can be tough.  But, I encourage you to hang in there and avoid that parish altogether.  I also strongly encourage you to go to the TLM.  You can probably handle more than you think with kids; it will be painful, especially at first, but it is worth it.


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