Hello from a recent TLM convert
(04-01-2010, 02:10 AM)MotherKatharine Wrote: Well, after lurking for a few months and feeling drawn to the traditional Mass since before my conversion last year I finally decided to take the 3 mass challenge I'd read about here. It worked, I am truly in love with the TLM and have come to see the NO as a poor substitute for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, if not an out and out mockery of it.

Please tell me about this "3 Mass challenge." In my 30 years as a Catholic, I've gone to a great many more than three English and three Latin Masses. I recognize that the Latin Mass is superior in many respects, but in the most essential respects they're exactly the same, and attending Latin Masses has not deprived me of the ability to attend English Masses with equanimity.

Quote:Sadly, my push for our family to attend the TLM has been a huge step back for [my husband's] conversion.

I'm not quite sure what to do at this point.  We've got 4 young kids and I can't handle them at Mass by myself.  But I feel like I'm sinning when I leave them at home to go and experience heaven on earth.  Should I suck it up and go to the reverent NO that is held at the same parish ...  typing that makes me think that is the answer...

Part of the answer, maybe. Everyone in my family, except me, prefers the English Mass. My parish, like yours, has a reverent ordinary-form English Mass and an even more reverent extraordinary-form Latin Mass. What do I do about that? I go to both Masses on Sundays, but I don't push my family to go to the Latin Mass. I hope you can do the same. Don't let the Latin Mass be an obstacle to your husband's conversion, but don't pass it up (if you can help it) just because your husband doesn't want to go.

God bless you! Please pray for the conversion of huge numbers of sinners!

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