SPLXIII....No they are not Old Catholics. [b]Their Bishop was consecrated by Patriarch Dom Mendez of ICAB and two other bishops also consecrated by Roman Catholic Bishop Carlos Duarte Costa. All their bishops carry apostolic line from their prime bishop, It is the purest line outside Rome. They are Tridentine and most of the bishops was former Roman Catholic priests.
You clearly never read the website as this information is within the website.[/b]
Why would they have imagery of Pope on their websites?
(04-01-2010, 05:49 AM)Spero Wrote: I came across this organisation on the net http://www.hrcac.org.uk/

Never heard of them before.

Has anyone had dealings with them?
Yes, They are Tridentine Pre Vatican II. Their apostolic line is that of Roman Catholic Bishop Carlos Duarte Costa a pure Roman Catholic line. Most of their bishops are former Roman Catholic priests. Their Bishops are not permitted to marry just the priests. there primus was the former Brazilian Secretary for Doctrine of the iCAB Patriarchate. He was also consecrated by Him and two other bishops who was consecrated by Bishop Duarte costa line.
One of their bishop returned to Rome in 2010 Rome accepted him as a bishop!

(07-09-2010, 02:21 PM)Ravenonthecross Wrote: Why would they have imagery of Pope on their websites?
They accept infab.... of the Pope.....
There's some information on the ICAB in Wikipedia:

Quote:"ICAB practices open communion for all Christians who acknowledge the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist. The church acknowledges divorce as a reality of life and permitted in Holy Scripture, and will marry divorced persons after the Eclesiastical Process of Anulment and baptize the children of divorced or single parents or someone else.[3] ICAB teaches that birth control is acceptable in certain circumstances (such as for disease prevention)."

"Dom Carlos set about to implement a number of reforms in ICAB of what he saw as problems in the Roman Catholic Church. Clerical celibacy was abolished. Rules for the reconciliation of divorced persons were implemented. The liturgy was translated into the vernacular"

The founder Dom Carlos Duarte Costa was canonized "St. Carlos of Brazil" by the Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church.

(07-09-2010, 02:29 PM)splxiii Wrote:
(07-09-2010, 02:21 PM)Ravenonthecross Wrote: Why would they have imagery of Pope on their websites?
They accept infab.... of the Pope.....
Then they ought en mass and individually return unto the Holy Roman Catholic Church; for such is the will and desire of the Holy Ghost.  The Holy Trinity wishes their unity with the Holy Apostolic See of Rome; not their schism.  As a body cut off from its head becomes a corpse, so do the sects and groups that schism and depart from the Holy Catholic Church.  Although, they like severed branches, may for a time still retain enough life within them so as to be engrafted back on to the Tree [the Holy Catholic Church].
On June 1, 2012, the then President of FIUV, Mr. Leo Darroch, sent the following bulletinhttp://www.fiuv.org/news.html to the members of the Federation.

Dear Members of the Federation,


I have been informed by the President of Una Voce Italy about something we all need to be aware of. There is a group by the name of The Roman Catholic Society of Pope Leo XIII which claims to have Catholic bishops and which claims to celebrate the 'Tridentine rite'. FIUV members in Italy have been contacted via the internet, especially on Facebook, and have been informed that in Italy they propose to celebrate Tridentine Masses for members or sympathisers of Una Voce, or to the faithful attached to the ancient rite. Their website gives a list of their 'bishops' with their various titles.

Their leader is the self-styled S. Em David C. Bell, Archbishop of London and titular bishop of St. Boniface.

Recently, he proceeded with illegal diaconal ordinations in Fiesole in Italy, as reported in a statement from the bishop of that diocese (Text in Italian).

Please be aware that the Society of Pope Leo XIII has no connection with the FIUV and I would advise members to have no contact with this Society. I will be contacting the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei to make it clear that the FIUV has no links with this Society of Pope Leo XIII.

Since then they seem to have (because they use both interchangeably) changed their name to OLD ROMAN CATHOLIC SOCIETY OF SAINT JOHN PAUL II http://www.hrcac.org.uk/welcome.html. Any recent information about them?

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