Moscow subway bomber was 17, alleged rebel widow
For centuries, Islam has been within Russia proper, not confined to border "satellites." For example, Tatarstan was conquered in the 16th century and Islam was freely practiced there (after prior prohibition) in the 18th century. There are occasional bumps along the road even with Tatars, but by and large they are well assimilated, many Russians can claim partial Tatar ancestry and have Tatar names, even Orthodox Christians.

You don't see Tatars or Bashkirs or the Nogais doing this sort of stuff, and even in the satellite areas, nominal Islam has been tempered by the fact they were often never fully acculturated into Islam and were in previously quite distinctly shamanistic, which is still found in traces in attitudes and mindset. It shouldn't be happening in Chechnya either, as Chechens have never been fanatics adhering to the "pure" Islam of Arabs. No, the independence movement and Islamism go hand-in-hand, and the influx of foreign fighters with foreign doctrines, and the idealization of Chechen independence as a jihadist struggle, the Ummah versus the oppressors, can help account for why Islam is more dangerous in Chechnya than more Russified parts of the CIS.

I don't see the Chechens stopping any time soon, sadly. The Russians should either get the region in order (and the force requisite probably would not be in accord with Just War principles) or seal the borders and let the Islamists have their own private hellhole. They could even call it the "Emirate of the Caucasus" as some presently fancy.
Good info but the plm is more complex then that. Nations need to look after their own interests. Letting chechnya become the basket case emeret of the caucasus is NOT in russias best interest. Leaving would be short sighted for a nimber of reasons. Russia currenty has fairly good control of the place compared to what it was. Using 17 year girls for missiolns like this speaks mopre to the limited capability of the jehadist to field forces then to the weakness of russia. Its highly unlikely ops such as these will convince russia to leave. They have allot at stake in thsim I've spent some time reading allot of the coms availible on thw eb regarding chechnya and this op. Widly availible vids for chechen jehadist are making the rounds. Most refer to russia as dying. A dying nation. Ect ect. So what we have here is an ideology that has no bones provoking an armed to the teeth cold cruel dying nation that doesn't give a damn about the bleating hearts of western liberals. In short
Seems rather foolish
Also the same went down in bosnia and kosovo even before checnya. Bosnians aren't whabist but al qeada and other jehadist orgs set up shop and really stirred the pot in a place that for the most part was secular. And now is more mohamadan. Its a far sighted strategy. Jehadist contrary to some on thsi board are not short sithted and have a game plan for this long deep war which to them is more then russia and chachnya.or the states and a-stan or iraq.
My O2
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(04-02-2010, 10:22 PM)matthew_talbot Wrote: Actually for one of our anniversaries, I got my wife a Les Baer pistol..She loved it..
You must be one of those white Christian militia homegrown terrorist types that the FBI keeps hounding. :sneaky:

I am one of those..Only the FBI doesn't hound me...I am very effective at evading them... :P
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Probably their wedding portrait, nothing says I love you in moham like a Burka on an ugly woman and a pistol for two. :romantic:
I wouldn't exactly call her "ugly" and they both have their own pistols.......

Having said that, it is a real tragedy to see a young girl used like that to commit such a travesty, if that's truly the case. Islam at it's base like this really is a Satanical system with a penchant for bloodletting using young girls like this to explode themselves in a crowd with the intention of a maximum kill ratio as possible to people who are just trying to go about their daily routine. Islam is pretty much a nasty virus that has been infecting Russia for quite some time now, one of the reasons I believe that commie Russia began opening up to the West in the early nineties was they knew that they had an oncoming serious Muslim problem and knew exactly what would follow, now the commies are long dead and gone and the gutter religion has seeped way beyond the borders of the former satellites and have penetrated deep within mother Russia herself.

Many on here believe that the Russians will be able to squash the muzzies like cockroaches and beat Mohamed back beyond the Caucasus's where he belongs. Well it's not that easy and will not happen anytime soon. Especially due in part to the Russians own lack of spiritual faith and failure to procreate more of their own themselves.

I'm afraid there will be much more sleepless nights in Moscow and many more "Dzhanet's" before this thing begins to level off.

(04-02-2010, 01:06 PM)matthew_talbot Wrote: Ah, the "religion of Peace" shows it's true colors again..  ::)  An update on the Moscow Subway Bombings


As an NRA-certified shooting instructor; I must also add that these two are really bad examples of the proper way to handle firearms for all the impressionable little Moham terrorist wanna-bees (spelling?) out there...One should not ever place their finger inside the trigger-guard until ready to shoot...I am assuming that Abdul here does not wish to put a slug into his free-hand...
What a tragic story, all around.  That girl was just a child.  Obviously, old enough to know right from wrong but still young enough that I feel sad about the situation.  She was a lost soul, brainwashed and inclined to evil acts.

A 17 year old girl.  My word.
I sure the spetnaz will be doing spme nasty blade work on a number of impressionable mpoham girls in the comming weeks. The momhams will pay dearly. If spetnaz actions on a stan is any indicator allot of girls will be getting horribly mutilated and there husbands allowed to live. Knowing they coud do squat to stop them
Such is war

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