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(04-04-2010, 09:26 PM)No3456 Wrote: Wait a minute.

Father Alex told me about the problem of Gay priests as he saw it.  And there's the problem of pedophilia hanging over the heads of the Church.

How can the Church claim it teaches what is true about Chastity, if the priests themselves don't believe it?

Jesus says we must be more righteous than the scribes and pharisees (Matt 5).  So where is the Church's opposition to Usury and War?

How can the Church claim it teaches what is true about Chastity, if the priests themselves don't believe it?

I've been suspended between Denominations since I noticed my own Church is not doing what it teaches.

Jesus says, Let your yes mean Yes; and your no, No.  Jesus says, "Come take life's water free!"  Jesus says, "Do not be making spectacles of yourself."

How can I believe this Church BELIEVES what Jesus teaches anymore than the Anglican Catholic, which is busy installing Gay Priests as teachers for children?

I'm having a problem because I don't see BEHAVIOR as following Teachings--not here, not there, not anywhere.

And I don't know what to do except to keep looking for some Christian community--SOMEWHERE--that does what it says and says what it does.

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"How can the Church claim it teaches what is true about Chastity, if the priests themselves don't believe it?"

The truth is the truth regardless of how one behaves.  It is true that there is a God even if every priest decided not to believe it.  You are confusing issues again.  As for the gay priests/pedophilia - the problem is homosexual priests and the Pope is finally addressing that problem.  According to canon law, homosexuals are not allowed to become priests.  Disobedient Bishops have allowed that to happen anyway.  This is part of the crisis in the Church at present - but it still remains the True Church.

The Church "believes" all of the things which are in the deposit of faith - but it is made up of humans who err - this erring does not reduce the teachings of the Church - it makes certain members hypocrites. 

"So where is the Church's opposition to Usury and War?"

The church has always (and still is) opposed to unjust war (not all wars are unjust though - war for defense of state is just).  And usury is forbidden to Catholics as well - but note that usury does not mean you can't charge any interest - it means you can't charge an unjust amount of interest.

As for your final comment, you will never find a religious community that practices 100% what it preaches, and of all the religions, only the Catholic Church has the full truth to begin with.

The only solution is to join the Catholic Faith which has the fullness of truth, was founded by Christ himself, and was protected from error by Him.  The problems we see in the Church are entirely due to weak men in modern days - it is a crisis and it will pass as they all do in the Catholic Faith.  But only the Catholic Church will survive the test of time - as Jesus said: "the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it".
There is also the fact that the so-called crisis of pedophilia in the Church is largely fake. Even on the US most anti-Catholic station, NPR, they said yesterday that the actual statistics for these incidents among priests is similar to other professions, but they then went on to attack celibacy, not either heterosexuality or other forms of self-control.

It is the celibate status, which is not only priestly, that the world is attacking.  Remember that in Sodom and Gomorrah the problem was that the Lord's people did not have the right to refrain from sex at young ages.  The mob was attacking Lot's house because his daughters were virgins, not because he was anti-homosexual.  Homosexuality was just one part of the total picture of depravity.

The exact same mob is attacking us today. They attack our daughters in the school classrooms and in our own homes. The Jewish teachers in the public schools attack all Christian students as "prudes", "repressed", etc and have been doing this for years.  Now of course we have our own free-thinkers inside the Church doing the same thing, attacking the concept of the celibate life, even the temporarily celibate status of young unmarried people.

So, dear Emily, don't let the so-called "crisis" among priests rent too much space in your head.  Throw the world aside and get in direct touch with the Saints for fellowship and leadership. That's my two cents.
Littlerose, I suspect you are telling a truth that the mainstream media doesn't play out.  "Divide and conquer" is their game; and monotheism is this generation's scapegoat.

Since it's not our role or function to judge, but to let our Lord do the judging, one can only reserve our judgments about accusations of wrong-doing not visible to the human eye.

Thank you for your reply.

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