Critques of JPII's Theology of the Body
As a piece of advice, if you have not, please read the late pope's works on Theology of the Body. Critiques have their place, but jumping to somebody else’s interpretation of the subject before one is familiar with the same is really doing you a disservice. If you're looking for an evaluation of West’s work, now you're twice removed from the subject. You might hate TOB, you might love TOB. Whatever you do, though, acquaint yourself with the pope's actual Theology of the Body.

To address you question, Catholic Family News did a rather extensive treatment of the subject a couple of summer's back. The only thing which I recall from the series of articles was a rather Victorian squeamishness over the subjects West discussed. I’m almost certain CFN subtitled one of their anti-TOB treatments something like, “TOB deals with topics which can’t be discussed with in a setting with children.” Duh. Neither can geopolitical events, the stock market or the mechanics of a car engine. It doesn’t mean these aren’t legitimate issues in the proper setting.

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