Critques of JPII's Theology of the Body
Weird that you should ask.  I'm in a weekly study group of it as of last night, if you want I can post my findings.

So far the only thing discussed that I didn't already think was the statement (I really should read the book for myself) that "Adam contained the fullness of masculinity and femininity, and therefore was not male".  When I asked whether this was JPII's opinion or that of West, they gave me the run around about how "well the pope's book was originally written in a foreign language, and west translated it" (not only kind of redundant, but not what I asked.)

I pointed out that "just because everything is white, does not mean that white contains the essence of "black"" (e.g, just because adam is the only human being does not make him both genders) and that in the fact that Adam could sense he needed a partner, and unlike the trinity was not co-eternal with eve, it's fairly obvious that he wasn't containing the essence of femininity...but I think it fell on deaf ears.

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